orange zaz tweak with 2 false nine and 2 rpms
this is my last tweak for fm22.
one more tweak of very succesful zaz blue tactic.
changes: w to if attack and one advanced forward comes back to play with 2 rpm
Congrats for my friend zaz is the best!
DjSpinner said: @JohnSariman great job mate...did u use any opposition instructions?

I give all the opposition instructions to my assistant
ZaZ said: I was thinking about hosting a competition of Football Manager 2022 so players can compete with each other. My idea is slightly inspired by PGM League from China and would work as follows.

- There will be a single save file, with the custom league and one unemployed manager.
- To simulate a match, moderators will add a manager to both teams and create a friendly. Morale, condition, fatigue and tactical familiarity will be set to maximum and injuries removed.
- The match will be played by both Managers (players) at an agreed time and be streamed in a Discord server, and possibly recorded to a Youtube channel. Results would also be announced by a Twitter account to increase engagement, with a link to the Youtube video.
- If there are enough Managers for more than one league, other leagues would be created simulating different countries, with the possibility of creating a continental league between them.
- Each Manager can have another player as Assistant Manager, to substitute him when he cannot play a match. He can also assist during preparation and match day.
- Initial teams would be clones with the same reputation, no staff and 23 players picked by Manager from the same pool (different teams can have the same player, which would get different names).
- During transfer windows, there will be a pool of players that can be bought by multiple teams by fixed prices, under different names.
- Each team will have the same budget during first season.
- Red and yellow cards will be tracked and have effect in game.
- Injuries only last for the match they happen.

This is the initial idea that I wanted to discuss with you and see if anyone is interested. What do you think?

Very good idea I'm hear to support zaz! If you want anything to help you can communicate with me in discord we are friends!
Man city results
Arsenal test
This is a tweak of zaz blue DM.My tweak is from @Albert and instructions also.I take the left winger and put it at cm.I added for this reason the overlap for left.This tactic is the same of @Albert @Snoop and @ZaZ .So my credits to these guys.My results with Man utd was the best in defense and attack also.Liverpool test also amazing! Salah scored 73 goals and the team scored 124!
Solaris said: I just noticed this tactic uses Team Instruction "Distribute To Specific Team-Mate" like in this tactic - and I haven't seen this team instruction in any other tactic. Also, it use the same set pieces and most roles matches so obviously, this tactic is based on this tactic - and I guess @JohnSariman should mentioned that.
do you want to see how many tactics have instructions from other guys with not good rating and not seem their names? i have to send you 3 for now and maybe some mores! i have a tactic before 4 months with 2 volante's and the problem for you is to give my credit for someone who those his credits to zaz.anyway ok you are true my say about set pieces and you saw only the name of set pieces and not that are the same IN ALL TACTICS!haha sorry but its funny really my friend. in my first post and 4-2-3-1 i have 4,wingers to support,ss to move left and forwrd to move right.i dont have time rreally if you dont want to test it no problem really.
Solaris said: I think not only @cptdoggo deserves getting credits... This my first post.So my friend download my last tactic and see the differents.
These days trying to work again Segundo Volante's and experimenting to find the best formation.Of course there are some changes on players and team instuction also from my last successful Airplane V1.So my changes for this:I decided to play with CD at back because i saw that defense maybe its a little bit strong.I changed the wingers from attack to support with aim crosses at centre (as my airplane V1).I decided also to move right my SS' because in my last save i liked it more and worked better i think than centre.At the end my Advanced forward moves on right but i think in the centre works also good.I tested in England with @ZaZ editor data Arsenal,Man.City,Brentford and Southampton.Μy attention was on Arsenal and City and the results was amazing!As you can see City won the title for one point and these two teams scored a lot of goals.Brentford and Southampton alsogoing well.Especially thanks to @ZaZ i took some instructions for the team and players for him likes my Airplane V1 ****CREDITS ALSO TO @cptdoggo @Albert @Snoop and everything else is back from this! !
mask01 said: Simply said broken tactic....won Seria A in last game...and i won it with mediocrate team....simply Great and broken tactics...Good job!

And yea, i won the cup.

92 goals gongrats!
mask01 said: I registered to tell you this is the best tactics so far that i play FM2022... i play with Parma, and this tactics is destroying seria A. When i finnish the season i will post results.

Gongrats mate waiting to see the final results!
Filer974 said: Hi, JohnSariman, I see you're tweaking existing tactics to make them even better, and that's fine. Can you try tweak fm 22.2 shaolin 433 v2 or 2Lit 433 VA 1.3 please to see if you can still make them better?

thank you @Filer974 for your commends.Tweak fm 22.2 shaolin 433 v2 is a good and high rating tactic i dont know if my changes make it better!
babemocni1988 said: Good job mr.John 👏👏👏

thank you @babemocni1988
Scri said: For the player you changed Roles wich player instructions do you use? I play with Xbox. Thanks

IWBs(shoot less often,tackle harder) f9(move into channels,mark tighter,tackle harder,shoot less often) AF(drible more,take more risks,shoot less often,mark tighter,tackle harder)
All credit should go to @Vujevic.I worked on his very succesful tactic fantastic mezzalas by Vujevic.I changed the WB to IWBS and the forwards to AF and F9.I played with Leeds im second yet but the tactic as you can see performs very good! 6 goals in Man utd 3 goals in City 4 goals also in Chelsea!I changed also from attacking to positive.
Back to black and white! this tactic is a tweak of my favs Zaz white with some changes in players roles and some more teams instructions.I played some games the tactic works good after 7 games i select to run in holiday mode.If you are back to score try also with very attack its sure that you will score a lot but remove the overlaps and maybe the tempo to higher.
***zaz white tweak***
babemocni1988 said: This was holiday test or you played with it?

its a holiday test.i dont like holiday tests im testing all my tactics playing the games but now its holiday mode! something going wrong!
babemocni1988 said: 80 points with Brenford is realy good result 👍

the strangest is City and Chelsea! haha
3rd place with Brentford and 5th with Norwich!Amazing results in first year.No transfers no editor.You can change the mentality to attacking in some easy matches or in the half if you need the win.Works also good.
*Zaz mentality like all my tactics tweaks.