Hi !

Plz test this tactic, the best Knap's tactic,his best tactic in terms of number of points on his excel document.

Only 1 game loss.

Thx !
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Looking for a good 352, I found this tactic flattering.
Please test it;)

Conte's Inter side are well-drilled and are very difficult to beat. Opponents are often wary of the attacking threat but Conte's side also very well protected at the back with the use of 3 defenders and the midfielders often dominate games. No doubt, Inter Milan are a counter-attacking side and the wing-backs are important and can help inject speed during transitions.

Juventus have won Serie A the past nine seasons in a row, but this year both Milan clubs are currently sitting above Juve and it's Inter who look the strongest and favourites. Regardless of their title challenge, one thing remains certain: Antonio Conte continues to be one of the most tactically astute managers in world football.

By RDFTactics on fmscout (https://www.rdftactics.com/post/antonioconte3-5-2tacticalanalysis)

Thx a lot
RDFs Conte The Godfather 352 Inter FM21.fmf
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Looking for a good 352, I found this tactic flattering.
Please test it;)

The tactic follows the steps of the first 3 years of Juventus winning cycle, coached by Conte, who took it from two 7th places to win 3 league titles in a row.

By Airox-jjHD on fmscout (https://www.fmscout.com/a-conte-juve-2011-14-tactic-recreation-fm21.html)

Thx a lot
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Good morning all !

Sensational Samba By Steve Hood (https://twitter.com/SteveMHood)

Test Video :


Can you test this tactic, streamer Steve Hood has done wonders with it in Brazil. (88.16% win ratio & 2.87 GPG).

I tried it in my part with Kaiserslautern, I went from 3rd division to 1st in 3 years!
Sensational Samba.fmf
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Hi GuyZ !

Please try out this supposedly best asymmetric tactic...

By GYRFM (Twitter @GYRFM_ /  twitch https://www.twitch.tv/gyrfm )
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Hi @Magician ! for the position of nine and a half, it is better to convert attackers to this position, or to take real number 10? (Version 4)

thanks a lot
My result with OGCNice on 21.3.0 Patch
Hi Guyz !

Can you test this tactic? I adopted it when I stumbled upon it by chance.

She works miracles from the first games.

I discovered it on Steeve Hood's YT channel,

Tactic By Mike Bridle (https://twitter.com/MikeBridle)

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Hi all !

Please test this tactic with the new update.

According to its author, it had very good results with 3 teams of different levels, even after the last update of the ME.

By LSPlaysFM (Luc) on FMSCOUT ( https://www.fmscout.com/c-fm21-tactics.html?id=7477)


Thx ;)
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Hi !

The author has updated his tactics (2.0) is it possible to test his talent? Thank you ;)
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bonio78 said: wtf

yes .... the testing methods are so different between the 2 websites, I don't know which one is right.
Zippo said: Hi,

Please, update the opening post and add a link to the source of the tactic and some result with the tactic.

Thank you.

Hi All !

Please this tactic By LSPlaysFM (https://twitter.com/LSPlaysFM)

Demo on YT : ( )


Tactical Info : https://www.fmscout.com/a-quadruple-winning-fm21-tactic-by-lsplaysfm.html

Do you want to win everything in FM21? Then Take A Look At My Quadruple Winning Tactic For FM21 which won every competition I was in!

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Hi All !

Please this tactic By Gillard on Fm Base Website (https://beta.fm-base.co.uk/fm2021_20/tactic/gillard-532-526926-2889)

Classic 532, based on nuno 532 at wolves but more attacking

532 HG.fmf
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Hi !

Please test this latest tactic by RDF Tactics (https://www.rdftactics.com)


Counter-attacking 4-4-1-1 that won the league with Blackburn Rovers who are predicted to finish 12th at the start! Soak pressure and counter with deadly pace and nice football on the counter-attack!

Many people think successful shared tactics must contain Aggressive Mentalities, High Pressing Lines and Extremely Urgent Pressing. NO!

Welcome my Counter Attack tactic. Blackburn predicted 12th and we walked the league. STRONG defence




Thx !
RDFs Deadly Counter-Attacking 4-4-1-1.fmf
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Markizio said: @KOniGun are these the same tactics? - https://fm-arena.com/tactic/695-4-1-2-1-2-reactor/

Yes, but not tested on Patch 21.2.2
Hi BoyZ!

Can you test this Tactic?

Basical tactical without Strikerless & IWB ...

Attacking, exciting to watch, high scoring tactic. Employs attacking wing-backs and attacking wingers.

By Wardee ( Wardy ?)


Thx ;) !
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Thx for the quick Look, but i don't like the "meta" tactic ... I wouldn't like a Strikerless & IWB Tactic ...

to break the ME, it's too easy, you just have to combine a tactic without attackers with interior laterals ... Look at the top 20 of the best tactics ...
Hi BoyZ!

Can you test this Tactic?

Great result with this Basic 424 without Strikerless & IWB ...

By Aleshkohen


Thx ;) !
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