Nice to see its going so well!! @DeviAngel
DeviAngel said: First season I always find it though but come the 2nd and 3rd season, this tactics does wonders....Maybe the players need more time to get used to it...

The amount of goals scored is crazy.

Still going with it?
Great work mush!
Why does this only work if you have those specified roles?
Its good!
Testing now, brilliant start!
Isn't this just Calcite? With a few very minor changes? LOL
The God said: This tactic was created as the current best tactics in the game can not be as appealing due to the formation. So I decided to adapt them into a 433 which can still pack a hell of a punch!

Bold claims fella - any results to back it up?
Looks great! Top work again @CBP87
Looks good!
Tests with Calcite 6
Brighton test
Looks brilliant mate, well done
Thanks @ZaZ
Tested on a scorched database.

Pacey forward help and great attacking full backs.

Tweak of calcite.
Great work bud, as always.
I like the idea of the shape, I might try that myself, hard luck on the score though bud.
Half season test with Liverpool
Hi all,

First off, massive props to @ZaZ - this is basically a tweak of a tweak I did of Orange - I think it works quite well across the board.

You all know whats required in regards to players.

Adapt the set pieces to whomever you wish at near post. Its set as the STCR as the main aim.

Expect goals from the 2 strikers and the AMC - lots of assists for the full backs too :)
Done a test with Villa, great result :)