Utrecht test...
Stan Seymour said: Looks like Jose Mourinho's 4-2-3-1. Offensive 4-2-3-1 formations literally boring and meaningless to me. I don't enjoy that kind of formations in real football and in the game. But as in this tactic, i always liked formations that adopt a more specific idea and hate to conceded goals.

I had Mourinho sort of in my mind, it is very similar - try it, you might love it!
More United stuff
Bit more testing done, this time with United...

I made this tactic to be different to all the same formations we see at this stage in the game.

I find that right footer at RM works, left footer at LM works better.

**Set pieces credit (I cant remember where they are from so apologies - I take little/no credit for corner set up - genuinely cant remember, sorry!)**

Make sure your biggest aerial threat is set to Attack Near Post - in this test it was DCL and you can see the results, having said that only 11 corners goals through season.

Would appreciate this being tested :)
May try convert this to have strikers...
Could this be adapted to have a striker rather than a AMC?
Added tactic with updated set pieces
Good evening,
I present the Banner.
3 at the back, loads of goals and tight at the back, what more could you want?

RCM takes Right corner, LCM takes left corner.

I have also found having a left footer at lcm helps and a right footer at rcm helps, I dont think this is essential but it helped me :)