This is my AF tweak from Turtle by Egraam.
Changes I made :
- One SS to AF
- Both DW to W

This is my result holiday with 10 teams in 5 different leagues.
Wow congrats for 7.2!
Zippo said: @HVS, hi.

Please, add screenshots of the tactic.

Thank you.

I've added screenshot of the tactic on the first post, is it right?

Poacher said: What is the difference between your tactic and this tactic ? - https://fm-arena.com/tactic/1375-blue-3-0-tweak-wstriker/

From what I see, there is no close down more, and this tactic, there is AM - Attack on AMC position, also the DC position have role CD - Defend
This is my tweak from Waves V2 tactic by Egraam. I switch SS to AF position and test 10 teams in 5 different leagues.
Thanks Egraam, the tactic is really good.
With Leicester using Waves V2.