And also, I'm curios of the build up play. Because the vol att will make fwd runs and who's gonna stay to climb the ball up? :)). But maybe, because the fb's are on support, this helps with the transition of the ball. Fingers crossed :)
I hope this does well :)
This looks interesting. I like the ratings of the offensive players :)
Maaan, those are some crazy stats
Tweaks from this:
- moved the PF into an AM on support duty
- attacking mentality on the right IF
- mentality to positive
- asymmetric formation
dzek said: @infxamus, did you use the same PIs of - - and the only difference is double RGAs? :)

Maybe we have the answer here. @alex

Still the right if is on attack, so not 100% :)))
dzek said: This tactic has also 2PFs which maybe have an impact on the result…

Yup, I wanted to say this also. It is worth testing it with the af+pf combo. Or even 2 AFs I would say
Alexandru said: Pretty vigorous one :) A question though as I play on PS5. Does it mean that attacking width is just "standard"? As I replicated all from your posted images.

Another question - do you ever change settings for example mid game, when assistant tells you something like "shots are far away, so lets play "walk in the box"?

For the width, yes, it's standard. As for the assistant part, I never change anything based on what he says. When I play easier games and struggle to score, I lower the tempo to make them come up and leave spaces. Or in other games, I play with the width to see if it has any impact. But these changes are rare. Usually I leave the tactic as it is for like 80-90% of the games
dzek said: So is it better? :D
It doesn't seem so :)
Stay wider and hold up ball to left AM
FB instead of WB on the right
Uhuuu, nice!
more direct passing and dribble more on FB and WB
Underlap left instead of overlap
AM instead of SS on the left
Trying this shape to see how it goes
Testing this shape with 2IW and 2 volantes
Attacking mentality
IWB instead of FBs
Removed focus play
Underlaps instead of overlaps