CONSTANTINOS said: My question is: Is it wise to change team mentality for example if my team is 2 goals behind or 2 goals ahead. If my team is 2 goals behind to change team mentality to extra attacking or two goals ahead to cautious?
Great tactic BTW!!

From my experience it's a good idea to do that, it's even advisable :)
Tweaks from this:
- moved one DM to AM attack
Trying this shape with 2 center mids on support. The rest is like this tactic:
@akumacy add what you changed. Otherwise your tactic will not be tested. And besides that, we want to know what you changed
hi said: positive or balanced ?

RawJah said: Okay, so I have just finished the Bundesliga-Season with Bayern, in which I changed from v3.1 to this version in the winter break because of the FM-Update. Because it happened in the winterbreak I can easily compare each halfs of the season..

V3.1, first leg of the season

v3.0, second leg of the season

Note to add for consideration: During the second leg I had to deal with up to 8 or 9 (i dont remember) unhappy players for one reason or the other. The team had to slightly adjust to the new mentality of the tactic and in the Bundesliga my backups started more games than in the first leg, because I rested my starters before and between CL games.

Well that's really impresive pal, well done! What were the players stats? Who scored the most goals?
Omg, that's a great defence!
66 after 4.8k, not bad at all I'd say :)
There are some nice score improvments with the new tests :)
well...didn't expect this :))
Trying this shape with 3 atb, 3 bpd, 2wb, 2 volantes and 3 strikers. Tactis is based on this:
Welcome back on no1 spot mate! :) Enjoy looking down to the rest of the world :))
Wasn't this tested for 2400 already? Or?
Only 36 conceded with Luton?? My god, that's crazy! Good job pal! Very curios to see the score
Gianaa9 said: i’m not at home until monday so i will probably try it, but if you see all my “Pirate Heaven” tries i tweaked so many times FB PIs and usually using less PIs had bad result, but who knows… Thank You!!

I also tried tweaking the pi's for FBs many times...but the only good result I got with takle harder only. Who knows..
3 atb clearly took a boost with this update. Great to see that! I like tactics with 3 atb
So tactics can work with only one DM :). Nice!
@Gianaa9 will you test this with all pi's removed from FB's besides tackle harder? My madness tactic scored 3 points lower with all the PI's added to FB's. Maybe it's worth a try :)
So the update definetely impacted the tactics, the mentality
Meriten said: There was a new update yesterday. We have 24.3 now.

Yes, I know. But there were no changes regarding the match engine