If the opposition plays with WBL/WBR should i man mark them or disable man marking for the specific match?
Superb tactic. thank you
Simply the best! thank you!!
Delicious said:

For me it's not like "a generic", i prefer wing backs and wings to be really fast (pace and acceleration) but i want them with good technique as well,passing, vision for me are good attribute as well.

how do you prefer other positions? which attributes?

thank you. it rocks.  V1 also rocked until the update
Gilder40 said: Great tactic Revelation, thanks Zealot, I've had a bit of joy with Aston Villa, unbeaten in 22 games so far. I've changed both IF to IW attack. Striker is PF attack and removed shoot less.
In team mentality I've ticked stay on feet, working a charm.

This is great, check it out.

thank you