ZaZ said: Still the same, and injuries are low.

cheers mate
ZaZ said: I do the shouts myself.

you still using the training schedule from last game? and if so how you finding injurys?
Can you just copy and paste the tactic from fm22 folder to fm23 then plug and play?
ZaZ said: Training > Rest > No pitch or gym work for players bellow excellent condition. You can see a picture of that a couple of posts above.

thank you, do you do the same for the reserve and youth teams?
ZaZ said: Mine is better. The author of those videos (which is a very nice guy) didn't consider automatic resting, so he has lots of "idle" training to make it practical during a normal season. If he considered automatic resting, then it would probably be very similar to mine. Automatic resting allows players that didn't participate in the match to keep training, which is obviously ideal.

To be clear, my training schedule is inspired by his results, so he deserves credits for that. I just picked the best sessions of his results and made further experiments based on that. In other words, he narrowed what I had to test, since it would be impossible for me to test everything.

What do you mean by automated resting? How do you do it?
Has anyone done their own versions of Manchester’s city group or the red bull empire. If so how do you go about it?
Any tips on making and sustaining a team of model citizens, I’ve brought in a few older players with model citizen already to mentor the youth but don’t seam to be doing anything, I’m new to mentoring so not sure how it works
What’s the best country’s to have an affiliate team in to increase commercial revenue? I know China and USA are good for this but wanted to know if there’s any others. And if you buy players from that country does that increase revenue aswell?
What’s the most important hidden attributes? Has then been a test to find out?
Mark said: @saycarramrod here is the link to the balanced version ykykyk balanced ratings file

Is this the ratings that you’ll be using?
Zippo said: You can download any game save and check the default attributes -

Oh right thanks mate, sorry if it was a stupid question
It’s probably already been mentioned but what is the starting value of the attributes in the attribute testing table, eg is the base value at 20 then dropped to 16 or is base value 16 then dropped to 12?
ZaZ said: Any that enforce the player instructions and team instructions from your tactic. For example, if a role has "run into space", then you get moves into channels. If your tactics have dribble more or run at defense, then you get runs with the ball often.

The reason to get traits that fit the tactics is simple: If the tactic is good, any player not following it will make the team perform worse. If the tactic is not good, then you should be improving the tactic, not learning random traits. If your tactic has a position that should get further forward and the player has "stays back all time", then you should train it to forget that trait.

thanks man :)
does anyone know the best player traits for every position/role?
ZaZ said: I finally managed to get something good, after many tries. Gonna post it soon after some more refining (need to play it and see in practice for at least a season). @Zippo, testing will start after game release, right? I mean, after beta is over?

do you think acceleration, pace, agility and dribbling are just as good as in fm21?
ZaZ said: Pretty sure it's normal, it happened to me before in other leagues. You can have youth teams that don't play in a league, because they can still play friendlies, have their own coaches and also be available to higher teams.

ah fairs mate thanks, just didn't think you could have an u19 and u18 cause haven't seen it in previous games
So I'm Newcastle and was looking through the board requests and saw the option for an U19 team, they accepted. Was just wondering if this was a bug or a new feature cause I've not seen a premier league team have a u23, u19 and u18 team before in other games.