for midfielders which indivudual should we use? their own roles or different? for example vol support?
ZaZ said: Water 2.0 is up.

When is fire 2.0 this night:D  ?:D
excitedly waiting for version 2:angel: :love:
Grimlock said: I agree with your logic :D

How water got more points. Fire could be better than water :angel: :cry:
ZaZ said: Still testing some things. I got three variants that gives better results, but the version with instructions combined didn't work well. I'm double testing each of them to see which version is the best. It takes time because each test is made with 1.6k matches (double test is 3.2k), and that means I can only test around two variants per day.

And how much time left boss? :angel: :D
ZaZ said: Sorry, I should have just said that. I just get so many messages of people asking stuff here and on private that sometimes I get into auto mode.
Of course you are right. We ask same questions almost. I know you , i got it what you mean :thup: :goofy:
ZaZ said: Read "Preferred Foot" at first post.
Okay i got it , after updated its same. Thank you Zaz :)
what about forward's preferred foot? is it still same foot as side?
oh i see thank you for information
Which one is the best, rpm or dm?
ZaZ said: I have tested it, it's pretty good. However, it's too similar to Red. I've been updating my data in the last days, so I'll have some new tactics soon.

(i dont know how can i insert gifs? )
ZaZ said: After 11 messages asking if I am TFF, I decided to come here and say it publicly: "I am not". Have fun!

Hahaha yea i asked too :D .

Mark said: Well still my 2 favorite tacticians are TFF and ZaZ even if they aren't the same person

Yea 2 tacticians are also smart people , thats the reason
wtf :D gz zaz!
ZaZ said: I just created a new test league for testing, so I need to re-run the reference tests before I start testing again.

oh okay i see
Will you try new magics today ? @ZaZ :angel:
Guidito said: To call this newcastle team an underdog is a bold statement :)

hahaaha you are right i explained it :D

i think its not a bad result :D but tactic needs some improvment i am not sure what is the issue. I used underdog one. They got savic and mbappe :(
DJJENSEN said: What should we do in a red card situation?

i removed 1 ST