why one inside forward is support and the other attack?
Why this is better ranked than 424 deformation II??? same points and lower goal difference
i like more traditional shape, how should perform if you change the SS to IF and the two AF to the center? can you test it?
I made some changes of this tactic link for the new match engine and is working even better, test it please guys
left wing should be right footed
right wing should be left footed
This version of westhammer tactic is working very well in my save, much better than the original
This is a very dominant tactic you can easily reach more than 3 xG in every match with a lot of chances created, also corners are TOTALLY broken, with this tactic you will have a lot of corners and most of them will end in goal, just look how my central defender Goncalo Inacio scores 20 goals from corners in 40 matches.