@Mark How do you filter players in Genie Scout that will play for your team?
@Mark How do you filter players in Genie Scout that will play for your team?
The obvious next step is to add this to the top table tactics
Excited to see this one
Excited to see this
How do you import a list to FM? I say this because it's hard to filter for lower leagues
Are these for GS? Or for FM?
Zippo said: We do a lot of internal testing to make sure our testing league is reliable.

We've got a tactic testing league where all the players have their Mental and Technical attributes around 11 - 13 so it's a very low level for the attributes.

We test all the tactics that come on top in that league too to make sure there's no significant different between that league and the main league and I can say we haven't been noticing any significant difference.

Also, we test all high rated tactics in the major real leagues in the game with the real players and the real teams to see whether there's any difference comparing to our main tactic testing league.

For example, here's our "fake" EPL ( we adjusted it to 76 matches ).

That's loads of work!!!! WOW
I would say re-test all the top tactics and see if results change significantly. If so, retest everything, else just test as usual
Zippo said: @Mark, good work.

I think it deserves having its own thread

Is there anyway we can get a .json version of the file?
Aggression seems like a usefull attribute to test due to this
Massive impact
I really want to see how Knap's tactics fare against fm-arena's other tactics