magicnut said: Lad it doesn't seem to me your tactic is all fine and dandy and that's just me mildly cutting to the chase.

You like to put alot of tactics down but i dont see you coming up with any top tactics? So either post your own great tactic we can all use or shut the f**k up!
I have been trying to take all these strikerless tactics that are topping the table and add my own twist to them by adding a striker.

So i have taken Egraam's fantastic Viola tactic and changed it a bit to add a false 9. This is my 1st version but has did well on my usual 3 team test as shown below. So if it tests well i will look to fine tune it even more.
healmuth said: Looking good for strong teams but not so good (pretty bad) for weak teams

Yeah looks that way mate. Although the strikerless tactics seem to be by far the best i always like playing with a striker. Just trying to find the right balance i suppose
ZaZ said: Where should I throw that Frozen Players directory? I don't get how to freeze the players.

Have you bought FMRTE If you have put the frozen players download into the folder. On my PC its C:/Braca Soft/FMRTE 21. or should be something along those lines mate.

If not just got to the FMRTE site and buy it its only around £5.
Have taken Magician's tactic phoenix and changed it to have a striker. Ran my usual 3 team test which seemed to have good results as shown below. Be nice to see how it does in the est league.

I do not take any credit for this tactic it is just a minor postition tweak of Magician's tactic so all credit goes to him. Gonna see if i can do some more tweaking to make it more effective.
ZaZ said: I have yet to see a good tactic with inverted winger in FM21. They seem to suck right now.

Yeah i have tried so many different tactics tio have either IW or IF but they are way less effective than wingers
ZaZ said: Where can I get that test league? I have seem some people using it before.


Hey ZaZ can download it here. But i think the filters need fixing to freeze verything in FMRTE. Seems like iot only freezes players for the CA140 team
I am doing an online save with a twist. We can only use certain type's of formtaion for each team we manage. My next team i move to i need to use a formation with 3 cb's with a libero. This is still my 1st version and needs tweaking but i would like to see how this version does in the test league.

My 1st test i do is a 3 team test. Liverpool as the top team, West ham as i mid table team and fulham as my underdog. As you can see Liverpoo did fantastic in the league but it must be noted did not win any cups which is unusual so the table could be a bit misleading. Fulham massively overachieved and West Ham did ok. This test was run FM Touch.

My second test was with Arminia Bielfield purely becuase of the crazy Greek known as Cadoni! THis test they certainly overachieved aswell. Test was also run on FM Touch.

Last but not least i used FM bases test league which it seemed to score very weel so it would be great to see how it does in this test league. Have posted it on fm base too to see how it does in there official test league.
This is my 1st tactic uploaded here but i would like to mention that its still a work in progress so will be doing an updated version. This tactic is really an underdog tactic as shown with my 3 team test below and watford test. All these tests are dont FM Touch and are holidayed all the way.

Did terrible with liverpool but fulham certainly overachived.

Watford are expected to win the championship but winning the fa cup shows how well it can do against bigger clubs.

Feel free to comment and give feedback.
Just wondering if i can have this tested as i think it has been missed?
This is the tweaked version of illogical goalscorer that was done by Lisa. Results have been really good on my Palace save with this.
The Illogical 4321.fmf
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Uploaded : Jun 21, 2020
Saw these tactics was wondering if you could test them as results for me have been good
Illogical Goalscorer.fmf
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Uploaded : Jun 21, 2020
Look alot like TFF Cerber?
Could i have this tactic tested please?

Looks very good!

Downloaded : 325 times
Uploaded : Jun 4, 2020
Exellent said: KASHMIRKnapVOL422123P106

Did i post the wrong tacitc? New to all this so sorry if i did but its the very attacking 1 in the video.
Hi guys,

Can i have this tatcic tested please as i saw it on youtube and the results look unbelievable!

This is the video of it on youtube almost looks too good too be true!

FM20.4.0KnapKashmir433MUP111 (1).fmf
Downloaded : 399 times
Uploaded : Jun 3, 2020