video about this tactic
New version uploaded and have great feedback!
Tactic is using similar instruction like other successful tactics' with this shape to fit to the match engine.
I done a lot of live live testing and adjustments during live stream.
I done final test with Gil Vicente where we won easily title in first season even with mp was 17 place.
Entire season with Gil Vicente was streamed live and posted on my you tube channel.
I received a lot of great feedback from various people.
Please check short video with explanation regarding this tactic.

I suggest to use this tactic with Modrication and Penetration in long term saves!
First 9 games played live on twich then I just done holiday until end of season!
easy title in first season with Nec who have mp 16 place
few games with this tactic from my Nec save!

My latest tactic with attacking approach!

Tactic tested in various divisions and having great results.

Key players are two defenders and two strikers!

Example how this tactic is playing!
fast holiday test with Ibiza mp 17 place.
Tactic tested with Leeds and Watford.

No transfers no staff changes with extended highlights.

Holiday test done with Atalanta.

Team instruction are similar to other tactics to fit current match engine.
new version of tactic released

won instant titles with Granada and Spezia without any transfers and just playing games.

fast holiday title win as Lincoln

what I noticed it is really strong anywhere except in Premiership.
new version of tactic released

defeated Inter 8 0 in away with actually playing it
please retest with latest match engine
please retest with latest match engine
Can this be tested with latest match engine!
can this be tested with latest patch
This is my latest tweak of my mezzala tactic to make target man viable in this match engine.

Last few days some people done test of this tactic and results are great.
Won premiership instantly as Norwich!

all played as my You tube carrier!

If you want see mezzala tactic in action check my Norwich carier.

Ambition is to fight for Premiership in first season.
4.9 rating is great for tactic who have a lot of demanding roles.

As I predicted amount conceded goals per game is one of lowest.
This is my latest tactic where entire team is defending and attacking as same unit.If you have correct players trophies will be yours.

I done various tests where underdogs as Granada are wining titles instantly.
Elite teams like PSG wining all trophies and undefeated entire season with only 16 goals conceded.
In some test mezzalas like Bruno scored over 40 goals in season.

CF-good all round striker with hih finishing, composure and off the ball.
DLF-good all round striker with high passing, vision and first touch.

Mezzala-good dribbles with high off the ball movement.

Libero-tall good all round central defender, also you change role to CD DEFEND if you don't like Lib.

not sure what kind rating will get but for me personally this is best defensive tactic in the game.

special thanks to people like Rosqo,Babemocni,John sarri,White europe,datguyrespect,broesly who helped with test