On half of the s2,half teams is younger then 18 still hoping to win title and Cl!
One of reasons why i am giving squad to rest for 2 3 dayes between games!
Job done!

Aparrantly Schalke is impossible due to 10 perc of transfer revenue and 300m in debts!

Other people conceding alot in last 10 min and me scoring crucial goals !

Forget about plug and play and watch your games and do proper changes during the match!
Ha ha nothing works in this match engine correctly!
nothing can surprise me with this match engine

For me personally this is 2 worst match engine in history!
My current results!
V2 added with some roles and player instructions changed!
Tejash said: @Vujevic is Amateur 5 your latest and the best?

Curently yes but today I will do final adjustment most related to some positioning during set pieces.

Then new version will be posted here as v2 for testing!

Alot of people saying me that I have best defensive set pieces!

I was doing few holiday tests with City and lowest what I was getting was 4 conceded in first 16 games!

Schalke you tube carier going realy good hoping to win instant title!
Daz said: Last year I used your mezzala tactic and won the title first year with crystal palace, do you think winning the premier league the first year with teams like palace/fulham/bournemouth/leeds is possible this year?

Probably not posible due to poor match engine and issues when defending.

I done it with Totenham live on stream without any transfers and we also won cl.

All divisions can be done instantly exept Premiership due to issues in away games.

Let see can we win instant title as Schalke!
Exellent said: great tactic mate. what attributes are important for each position? thanks

I sugest you check my topic on Fm base,more info you can find there!
My latest tactic,curent feedback is good from people who using it.

Some people like to use OI with this tactic photo attached!

Using this tactic with Brest where I want to win instant title!

diamond against 1 striker formation and mezzala against 2 strikers teams
I normaly start

I sack all coaching and scouting staff!

All players on transfer list except players who just joined.

Complete rebuild then!

99 points as Fulham!

Watch this finale and see how we defeated Liverpool and Chelsea in away!
Tavares82 said: can you say the main attributes of each position?

for that one I need to write entire page
50 points in 19 games I like diamond especially against flat 4 4 2 formations.

with Fulham mixing 3 tactics,Anceloti,Amater and Penetration
I started new you tube carrier with Fulham with ambition to try win Premiership instantly.

Using this tactic and my Amater tactic in combination.

You can watch entire Fulham guide on my you tube channel.

Used target tactic for home games,easy instant title for Schalke.

Only 18 conceded!