I've added a new tweak "Triple Tweaked"

There's only 1 small tweak compared with "Double Tweaked" - Force Opposition Outside instruction and that's all.

The tweak seems slight improves the defense.
Guidito said: Thanks @Snoop !

Last question - have you seen more success with your set pieces vs Zaz's original set pieces?
both offensive and defensively..


I find my set pieces work slight better at least for me.
Guidito said: Hey @Snoop how would you line up the 4 attacking players (2 strikers and 2 wingers) if you had the following players:
Salah, Mane, Jota, Mbappe, Firmino and Dybala.

Salah - RW, Mane - LW, Jota - LW/RW/F9/AF, Mbappe - AF/LW, Firmino - F9
Tejash said: @Snoop  I meant what about training all the players for quickness and the gk for reactions and left footed player as left winger and left back and same for the right side and corners?? Does this remain the same, sorry couldn't find this in the post :D
Yes, I follow @ZaZ in everything so you can apply what ZaZ suggests for his tactic to this tactic.

Tejash said: do you select set piece taker or its default?
I only set the corners takers, usually, I put the wingers to take the corners.
Tejash said: do rest of the player instructions and foot remain same as @ZaZ

I've added the instructions to the 1st post.
Jates12 said: hey @Snoop

are you using an AM style player as the CM? Or just a generic CM?



Here's what guide me when it comes to picking players -
ZaZ said: Gratz!


But it's you who did the main work and I just tweaked it a bit.
EnterTheMatrix said: Awesome stuff this has 17 more points so great job Snoop!
Thanks but actually it's just 1% better than anything else in term of points per match and I remember that @Zippo said that the accuracy of the testing is about 3.5% so there's not much to hype about. :)

EnterTheMatrix said: Any OI's?
I've never used any but you can try.
nator said: what changes did you make from the other tweak you have made ? I have got solid results so far and i am really interesent!

just look at the 1st post, I put the changes there
alexej said: You actually beat it... Congratulations!


To be honest, it isn't a big improvement but at least it offers a slight different shape. :)
I've added a new tweak of ZaZ - Blue DM tactic

I want to thank @ZaZ for his work, this tactic is a tweak of his ZaZ - Blue 4.0 tactic -