Albert said: Sure, I can post them. I've also added to the OP.
Much appreciated, pal.
Could someone post Player Instructions and Set Pieces(Corners)? I'm playing on a console.

Thanks in advance.
ZaZ - Blue DM ( Tweaked )
ZaZ - Blue DM ( Double Tweaked )
Symphony ( 3 x DMs )

I've have removed the Overlaps from 4132 Poirer XIII by @Delicious -

I want to see whether it makes any difference or not.

Thanks in advance for testing it.

NairaGatsby said: do you use any op?

MemorizableUsername said: Created an account just to say this tactic works !


MemorizableUsername said: Though I wonder how it might perform with Segundo Volante instead of Mezalla

Honestly, I have no idea. I haven't tried it with Segundo Volantes.
bo said: @Snoop Could you please also share the player instructions, your tactic looks very solid, thanks

'Tackle Harder' for all positions

'Sit Narrower' for IFs

'Stay Wider' for BPDs

'Dribble More' for AF

That's all.
Eddie said: Interesting how each tactic can work depending on your squad.

The best ranked tactics on the tactics test table didn't work as well for me, due to it being 4 - 2 4.

I've already incrived the hindle and the symphony works very well with the characteristics of Atheletic Bilbao. In the first part of the calendar the games with the Corsair IF tactic (see several defeats and draws). Already in the second half of the picture, only wins with the symphony.

The game is very beautiful, mainly because it is the tactic 4 3 3 with the best rating. there is ball control and good creation of plays for goals. I am liking it

I'm glad it works good for you. :)

My tactic Poetry is a copy of this tactic -

The only changes I did is converting AFs(A) into DLFs(S) so all credit should go to the author of the original tactic or any other people who were involved into its creation, I really don't deserve any credit.

Could you test it, please.



Please, test this tactic.



Symphony ( 3 x DMs )
I've added a new tweak "Triple Tweaked"

There's only 1 small tweak compared with "Double Tweaked" - Force Opposition Outside instruction and that's all.

The tweak seems slight improves the defense.
Guidito said: Thanks @Snoop !

Last question - have you seen more success with your set pieces vs Zaz's original set pieces?
both offensive and defensively..


I find my set pieces work slight better at least for me.
Tejash said: do you select set piece taker or its default?
I only set the corners takers, usually, I put the wingers to take the corners.
Tejash said: do rest of the player instructions and foot remain same as @ZaZ

I've added the instructions to the 1st post.
ZaZ said: Gratz!


But it's you who did the main work and I just tweaked it a bit.
EnterTheMatrix said: Any OI's?
I've never used any but you can try.
nator said: what changes did you make from the other tweak you have made ? I have got solid results so far and i am really interesent!

just look at the 1st post, I put the changes there
alexej said: You actually beat it... Congratulations!


To be honest, it isn't a big improvement but at least it offers a slight different shape. :)