Wail said: Did you figure out how to put them into the lineup tool ? Would be amazing if you could share it, I do like using that tool as the scouting center

Had to stop the work, some family issues but will get back to it. I have an idea, yeah
Mark said: I have derived the other positions and balanced the files above. Which filter are you interested in?

@Mark The  ykykyk balanced ratings file

i'll have a look at it and try to pull some data out then

these are the settting that i want o adjust to a correct value, and also the attributes for a position, thats why i asked about MC AMR/L and WBR/L as they were not on that chinese table.

Only done the GK position as you can see in the pic

the reason why i am using this app is because is simple to use, loads in an instant, can look for players based on your positions from tactic and the best part: you don't see their CA or PA attributes or personality
ArsenalHighbury said: Is this the ratings that you’ll be using?

Mark said: I definitely am. And thanks for asking.

@Mark @ZaZ

does this work for any tactic or just the ZAZ one?
as i didn't find anything in the chinese table mentioning positions like MC, AML/AMR, WBR/WBL

there is a piece of software named FMLineupTool that can be used to prioritise the atributes needed and i would like to modify the ratings there to suit my needs

Please reply guys
hey guys,
found one of my old tactics from fm19 and decided to give it a go in fm22
i must say it works even better than in fm19

i havent added any screensots yet but will do in the following days as i started a new save in a vely low league where players are shite :D
here is the resuls so far and the tactic itself:

positives: all team scores (wbr and wbr goals+loads of assists)
          high numbers of goals scored
          not very leaky in defence

negatives: counter atacks are a issue :D
          hard to get the right players in lower leagues

Please provide feedback and enjoy the game :D
Mark said: So my work here is now complete. There were some issues. There were 2 of the managers that didn't work because I hadn't taken control of them, That left us with 7 sides we have control of. One of course was Man City whose Manager was sacked every test as they couldn't compete against the ZaZ Blue tactics.

The methodology was to take the best rated XI for each ratings and compare the average ratings for each side. I ran 5 tests and then dropped any player that had less than 50 games over the 5 runs or 190 games. I only selected players rated best from the 7 teams we were working with who all used ZaZ Blue DM tactics.

So they were playing the same role for the majority of the time and played substantial games in the role.

I have to say the results very much favor the Chinese machine learning research we were all interested in.

I tested 6 ratings files plus the default Genie Scout rating file. The main ratings files were ZaZ, my MDW, ykykyk the one based on the Chinese machine learning research, and 3 variants of that proposed by @ZaZ.

I used either end of season team of the year for the squad or the highest positional rating to determine the position for each player. Players with less than 50 games of the 5 tests were excluded. Only players in the 7 controlled teams were included, Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester, Liverpool, Man Utd, Newcastle, Spurs.

First we have the control test which is the default Genie Scout ratings. Here is their side:

So of the main 3 ratings files, MDW, ykykyk and ZaZ here are the results:

And here are the 3 test tactics from ZaZ using the Chinese machine learning technology.

The Analysis from our Chinese friends has been very impressive,

so what ratings should we use in genie scout?
so what would be the best call? use filters or ratings?
used this for a while and worked perfect with any teams with impressive results, my question is, how do i supply it to the test?
i know is low games but every save it is the same
i went from promotion to finishing 2nd two years in a row in the first league then championsver since