This my tactic with 3 strikers.

It's inspired on ZaZ - Blue 4.0

I find it works very well.

Here's my result with Liverpool.

serhat22 said: IWB or WB? :)

I made a typo(I've edited it now), of course, I meant IWBs :)
serhat22 said: Congrats, I have been using original tactic and want to switch to this one but is it okay to wingbacks as FB-A ?

I don't know but for me FBs(A) don't work well in this tactic so I play with IWBs(A) :(
MiZuki said: 5.4

It's good to know that my tweaks have improved the tactic because quite often the opposite happens :D

Here's my tweak of Positive Tiki Taka tactic by @cptdoggo - https://fm-arena.com/tactic/2025-positive-tiki-taka/

Kudos to @cptdoggo for his amazing work! I tweaked his tactic and changed the Full Backs(Attack) to Inverted Wing-Backs(Attack), the Deep Lying Player(Support) to Roaming Playmaker(Support), removed "Play Out Defense" and "Low Crosses" Team Instructions.

Also, I updated all the set pieces in the tactic and I added "In Transition" GK's distribution method (distribute to specific position) from this tactic, it really works well for me. Kudos to @Snoop for that.

I've tried this tactic with Arsenal it worked really well.

I'm looking forward to your feedback.