CBP87 said: Aye, I've seen that video,

For me to I tend to look at core attributes and then add some crucial attributes for that role. So Acceleration and Pace is a must, I tend to not got for players who have less than 14 in both. I then look at Agility, Balance and Anticaption. Adding Jumping Reach for defenders and strikers as well as Finishing for strikers. I add Work Rate for any demanding roles like wing backs or box to box midfielders.

I pretty much focus on the attributes on the attributes testing table https://fm-arena.com/table/18-attribute-testing/. I think its pretty comprehensive considering they have tested each attribute for nearly 3000 matches

Yeah that's pretty much how I do it , I think I added strength to central defenders and DMs and stamina to full backs , but you use the core attributes I use on my main save I've found it successful , even players not meant for the top leagues do well with those attributes for top teams
CBP87 said: Not sure this is still relatable to be honest, how can pace, acceleration and strength be more important than aerial reach for a GK

not sure tbh ive been using it for one save and had a lot of success, and my own variations which essentially relies on acceleration and pace throughout except keepers on another save.

There is a video on Youtube by FMImmortal called "Top 5 Attributes for every football manager position" and that goes from 1-5 of their version of the most important attributes for FM23 , 1 being the most important , its a lot different to the attributes tested on here

I guess its just a case of having a go and seeing which give the best results for you
CBP87 said: Players got low determination?

Can you put this into some context please, at what value does an attribute become important for that position?

This is the results from the test the Chinese forum did iirc, I think 50 was the point where you cut off the others , it's for genie scout fm22 but I think it's still ok for 23 .
To search for players I created views using attributes 50 and above ,, I'm even sure Zaz created a genie scout file using 50 and above attributes
Mark said: Pretty close. The 6.51% (3 x 2.17% is 6.51%) off 100% or multiply by 93.49%. So the left back would be 66.00% x 93.49% (100% - 6.51%) = 61.70%. Still below the 64.60% of the centre back.

Ahhhh ive been doing it slightly wrong , thanks for explaining the proper way , i think ive been treating the 2.17 not as a percentage and just subtracting it.

How have you found ykykyk balanced on FM23 , is it still relevant or was it primarily for zaz4.0 tactic on FM22, ive only just got round to buying FM23 and im a bit unsure which rating to use, which one are you using and are there any big differences between fm22 and fm23 when using genie scout
Tavares82 said: Is this player better as a defender or fullback?

His position score for left back is 17 , for every point below 20 it's 2.17 off the percentage , so 3 times 2.17 is 6.48, his left back percentage is 66.00% so you have to take off 6.48, which is 59.52, this is his actual percentage for left back because of being 3 below a perfect natural position of 20, therefore the central defender score of 64% is the highest percentage.

This was how it was worked out for fm22 I'm sure it's the same, hopefully @Mark can put me right if it's not the same for fm23
ZaZ said: About the first question, yes, I look at the highest attributes in that table. About the second question, I don't know what is the balanced version you are talking about. If it is the one from @Mark, then they serve different purposes. One is for the attributes that affect performance the most, ignoring CA and PA. Mark's, on the other hand, considers how a player would be once their attributes stop growing (when they reach their peak).

Thanks for helping

It gives me different ways of finding players ,, it means i can have a couple of saves going using the different ways,  i have one for Genie Scout and one for attributes, Zaz blue is a fantastic tactic so it means i never really have to worry about the tactic , so i can put my time into searching for players , having different ways means i dont always just buy the same players over and over
ZaZ said: I usually only look at the 3-5 most important attributes, as long as the player doesn't have 1 in everything else.

Do you use the attributes based on the ones in the ykykyk05251 ratings so for example to look for a striker the first 5 highest attributes are Acceleration, finishing, dribbling, pace, technique.

another question, are the results of the ykykyykbalanced and ykykyky05251 only different because of the weightings in genie scout ,, i think they are the same attribute values but they give different % results
Is it better to buy players using the highest positional percentage using xyxyxy balanced rating in genie scout or taking the attributes in the rating part and trying to get the best attributes for those over 50 , most positions tend to have between 8 and 10 attributes.to pick the strongest eleven and to buy players.
So is a score of 85% for a DM for example in genie scout worth more than a player with 13 and 14 in the attributes
ZaZ said: I don't. It's always normal, but set to rest automatically when players are under excellent condition.

I've not used it before, how do I put players on automatic rest when they drop below a certain point ? I've had a look I know there is auto intensity but that doesn't put players on rest , trouble with FM is the layout changes and it becomes difficult to find things.
ZaZ said: Gratz!

Reduction of 70% in injuries is very good, were you using default trainings or some other custom before that? Did you also set rules to rest all tired players from training?

Let us know how you feel about Green later, if it felt better or worse than playing with Blue.

It's the one huge plus in your training is I've barely had injuries , in FM21 before I found your tactics and training I was beginning to think the injuries was a bug , but your training schedules clearly lessens the injures to 1 to 2 days and even the longer injuries are a couple of weeks.

I've never really been sure of how to do training schedules to develop players to their full potential , the obvious youth players tend to develop well enough without my help anyway , so I think a training schedule that lessens the injuries tops a training schedule to develope youth imo. 👍👍
Mark said: Look at post #185 for positional offsets. I correct this back to normal and then deduct 2.5% offset for each point below 20 the player is in that position.

I do my own calculations after using either ykykyky or my own ratings. Both seem to work really well both for selection purposes in my squad and analysing the players my scouts find. You cant go wrong using players with high acceleration, and using the higher rated attributes from the machine learning ratings will always get you someone worthwhile. You can do as much work or as little as you feel comfortable with.

Also take into account injury proneness, professionalism and how players will fit into the club dynamics.  The main thing is that you enjoy yourself.

Thanks bud , ive been trying to read the forum on my phone away from the TV  , which ive now realised is useless to try and take it all in , reading it from the start on a tablet ive bought i can see ive missed bits , you essentially answered some of my question in the first post so thats my bad , i will have a proper read through now as i can see better on a tablet.

Im sort of understanding it better , i dare say i might have other questions as this fascinates me ,, i can play around with finding players using this and putting the squad together with a lot more enthusiasm and enjoyment than i can with whats in the game, i honestly think SI should start adding things like this to the game as it should be up to the player how they want to play it , i find their system is getting a bit old fashioned now , they give attributes for a role , then say these are only a guide , so essentially the game gives you attributes that may or may not be needed for a role that has not nearly enough significance on the ME , its all about position , i remember Knap saying it on a discord 3 years ago , so i never use the in game system to find players.

I have to thank you and everyone who works hard to make the game more interesting , some would say this is "cheating" like they do with Genie scout ,,, but all we have to judge a player are attributes , how can we use the in game system when SI fool us into believing the roles mean something and they dont give you the right attributes anyway , they are almost pulling the wool over our eyes.

As much as i love playing Football manager, i think SI are flogging a very outdated game that really should have been brought up to date years ago , they really need to start reading forums to understand how we like to play the game and start adapting it better, thats just my opinion though.

A huge thanks to you and Zaz and everyone who worked on all these formulas etc... i think i would have stopped after 2020 ,, im still finishing FM21 as i got to the threads late , i will start FM 22 soon and im looking forward to it more than i would have been.
Not sure if its been mentioned before , what does Genie Scout take into account when it gives its percentage ratings for positions , does it calculate whether a player is natural , accomplished etc... and what footed a player is , or is it purely on the attributes and weighting.

Ive tried adding up the main attributes and getting an average of ykykyk Balanced and i also look at pace and acceleration ,, the ones i work out on my own who i think will be a better fit for a position, never seem to be the players with the highest percentage for that position on Genie Scout,  is it better to use Genie scouts position percentage for finding a player for a position , or just use quickness and the main attributes that are weighted 100 - 60
Im finishing off a save on 2021 , do you think the ykykyky balanced will work on 2021 , or is there a disparage between the attributes needed ,, the file works on 2021 , but im guessing the attributes are based on 2022 , is there much difference i need to make it work for 2021 or should i forget using it for 2021
ZaZ said: From my ratings, the one that subtracts 25 from all weights under 50 was the best, according to Mark's test. But I believe his scores might be better than mine since he tested that more than me.

Thanks Buddy , ill give them a go
ZaZ said: I had very little to do with that, it was mostly Mark and the guy from chinese forum. They deserve all credit. I just added a rating to the mix.

thats cool , its all been a help though

which version was the one that you and mark thought gave the best results , ive got loads in my ratings folder and i cant remember what order they i downloaded them in, would they work in FM21 or has everything changed between both games
Ive been really impressed with the work on here , attributes have always fascinated me , in the game they blind you with a range of attributes set for roles that dont really matter, as its all about positions not roles , if you were a new player to FM then they really are a pointless addition for SI , you ask the SI forum which attributes work for each position and ive always had an answer that makes me think not even SI know what attribute combinations work properly , everyone of them are linked in one way or another meaning you would need  20 odd attributes or more for each position which is unobtainable, what Mark and Zaz have done is actually done SI's job for them by helping everyone , so thanks to them for this.

Im still on FM 21 as i can never be bothered with the new one until i know there will be no more patches, so would some of these ratings work with FM 21 ?

Which is the ratings that was decided upon as the one to use ? ive got about 7 now in the ratings folder lol, as im late to FM22 i just wondered if there is a definitive decision of which rating is near to perfect for finding the right players and would it work with fm21 ?