The "Calcio Sambuca" posted by @carmeloanthony015 would be great to see tested. Cant believe that one has been tested before, seems so strong and unique.
thank you
How did you make the strikers to rotate positions?
Intresting tactic, will try it out! Would be nice if this could be tested.
Seen a couple of tactics worth testing, would be nice if they were testet
Wow, looks really good! Tried something similar, worked out good. Will test this one out :)
Sandro said: I think FM22 has few millions players and after you've seen few youtubers using strikerless and narrow tactics you conclude "so many" using them :D

hehe good point!
ZaZ said: If I post videos of how I became champion of Premier League playing with Blue or any other top tactic, people will say "Great thing, even a monkey can do that in vacation mode". However, If I post a video showing how I won everything with a novel goalkeeperless tactic, then everyone will watch it. Youtube is about entertaining, not about showing the best tactics.

Yeah probably the case!
ZaZ said: It's not like the top tactics will start performing worse just because some people started playing narrow or strikerless. Anyway, new tactics are tested every day, you can just check the tactic testing log.

Of course not, just weird that so many using narrow and strikerless tactics when most of the top tactics uses strikers and wingers :)
Seen a lot of streamers and friends using narrow tactics lately and performing well. But this keep being a top tactic. Have you tested something of a strikerless and/or narrow tactic?
Seen a lot of narrow tactics lately performing. Could this work with moving the F9 to an extra CM (A)? Have this been testet?