kiki93600 said: Bonjour
Mendes est prêté au PSG déjà.
Martial prêté aussi à sevilla

la capture d'écran de l'équipe est déjà dans sa deuxième saison
kiki93600 said: Bonjour
Comment avez vous eu martial et mendes ?
Pouvez vous également montré les stats des joueurs svp but et autres .

Martial i got it on loan with me paying half of his salary and Mendes i renewed his contract before the season ends , that picture is allready on 2nd season.
Here some the stats oh the front 4 that i used on the 1st season
Tsubasa said: this looks interesting, might give it a go

Test it and let me know I hope you have good results like I did :D
I wanted to share my tactic where I had great results with her in the league but lack of quality in champions league.
No oi´s and assistant manager does the training.
luuxva set pieces inclued in the tatic with many goals from corners