442 - Work ball into box = good again?

i just wanna see a 433 hit a 60 score :cry:
3 AF
3 AM

Anyone else tried it?


iwb and dw

seemed to work for top team like psg and low team like blackpool (predicted 21st)


hopefully a nice standard 433 that scores well

AP and Mezzela seemed to work well together

433 with a decent defence.

used a roaming playmaker as i couldnt really find a role that performed great in that postition.

2nd variation on BINR+ where the tactical style has been changed to copy that of the top tactics.
The style is called "The Assembler" from the @Delicious tactics.

Changed the Sweeper Keeper to Goalkeeper and found he did better.

The rest of the tactic is the same.

4123 all the attacking power!


DW + Volante Attack + Single Striker



vitoco said: which team is this?


I just havent been bothered to fix club names
CM on hold position and BWM to Defend with the IWB allowed to push forward.


Complete Forward
Advanced Playmaker / Centre Midfielder Attack Combo
Support Wingers

Low Goals Conceded


Pressing Forward
1 Winger + 1 Inverted Winger
Roaming Playmaker

Left out a lot of different instructions and came out ok.

Trying wide centre backs.

seemed decent

Who Needs Defenders?

2 BPD and 1 Libero :devil:
Of course it concedes but it scores alot

4231 - Positive - Regista New Wave

WB and IF have instruction to cross to TF.
Distribution to TF instead of Roll Out etc.

seen this shape all before (so if it doesnt get tested all good :))
fb's sit narrow and cut inside.
one dm holds while the other is not restricted

got my best result with liverpool so far with this tactic


2 wide midfielders staying wide with the 2 wing backs sitting narrow, attacking threat of 2 AM's and 2 AF's

Strikerless Meta Formation test

not using Haaland