norwich ball3
Ronaldo De Lima said: yes, I manage Nottingham Forest, and the rank is 4th. AF no need PP, if you like, you should train him offside trap, place shot and with a good pace and acc.

Thank you!
Ronaldo De Lima said: Only go on holidays, and this is the result which adjust Poacher to AF.

Wow thank you!!Can I know your AF personal instructions?
Nagelsmann 2amc tactic
PELE:"Danny welbeck is a very similar type of player than i used to be.when i watch him,he reminds me of a young version of my self"
motive by 0910barcelona
For build-up situations, build-up is performed in the form of Cruyff 3331.However, if there is a difference, the build-up will be carried out by making three triangles in the midfield with a inverted wingback in the form of 3331.Thanks to this, it compensated for weaknesses in the side and scored a lot.
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This is pepcityball.
Crystal Palace is pepcityball2
This is last norwichball tactic.I think in this Concept no more better than this
Filer974 said: I don't know if it's better than version 1 but it's very good

i have found a mistake i choose wide defensive.But much better when it's normal.Please can you test ver3?
Can you test this tactic? This is the result of all the games being played on vacation.I used zaz set-piece setting.Thank you zaz for making a good set piece set.
Could you test my tactic?Thank you so much
Could you test my tactic?Thank you so much