Asstem said: Do you update this for 21.4?

yes, I removed all the "tight marking" Instructions.
4222 strikerless Mornon DLP.fmf
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Prutton said: Thank you for the tests! 4-2-2-2 looks nice. Have you tried it with DW instead of W?

P.S.: I was actually sidetracking to other ideas. I didn't run the double RPM yet.

P.S.2: I tested the 4222 here and it didn't give better results for my method of testing. Maybe it will be very good in fm-base or even here, but in my way of testing, Blue 3.0 is better.

Oh you updated your post while I was afk :D
Yeah, it really depends a lot on the way you test the tactics.
The idea to use two Ms instead of CMs just came out while playing my career, I just found myself with 4 strong Ms in my roster and so I said: why not? :P
Prutton said: Thank you for the tests! 4-2-2-2 looks nice. Have you tried it with DW instead of W?

P.S.: I was actually sidetracking to other ideas. I didn't run the double RPM yet.

Running the first round of testing with DWs right now, I'll let you know :)
Funny thing my 4222 tactic which is essentially based on your playing style only scored 6.4 here :)
I'm doing some testing, still a work in progress...
All tests have been done on fm-base database, all teams are frozen in order to reduce variability.

The subtop team got CA165, the underdog CA140. For each run first column is the subtop team, second one is the underdog.
Ask if something is not clear.
@Prutton how is it going with the roaming regista?
Prutton said: Haha, that was an empty space for the not done yet Blue 4.0. I just used it to put results from 3.0 with some favorable conditions, like retraining positions and asking assistant manager to use specific team during holiday mode. It's not valid for anything, I did it just for fun and forgot to rename.

P.S.: For anyone in doubt of preferred foot for wingers, these are my thoughts. Same foot as side favors crossing and cutting outside to reach the byline. Opposite foot as side favors shooting and cutting inside to reach the box. Usually, you want wingers with the same foot when you have two or more strikers (including shadow strikers), since the space inside the box is already occupied. When you use only one striker, then you would prefer wingers with opposite foot and wingbacks doing the task of reaching the byline, to give width and depth. This is just theory, obviously, and the match engine might not agree with me. I'll try a tactic with inverted wingers later to see how it goes, with one striker and marauding wingbacks.

aaaaah so disappointing, for a moment I thought you managed to break the match engine even more :D

About IWs-WBs combo, seems like this year they're not so effective, probably because you lose the great deal of having IWBs turning into central midfielders giving more cover.
And I think also that if you change the tactic to something like WB BPD BPD WB - DLP - CM CM - IW SS IW you still risk to overload the center because of the two CM with attacking attitude and move into channels instructions.
Ju my thoughts thou :)
CM93 said: Should also give credit to @Mornon as although roles, shape, instructions and set pieces have changed the team instructions are from his brilliant DLP tactic.

Thank you for the credit, but my inspiration came from @Prutton and @Magician so I must pass your compliments to them :D
Prutton said: Wingers with the same foot as side. For inverted wing backs it makes no much difference. Yes, I still do that.

P.S.: I tested here wingers with close down more isntead of defensive wingers and it works very well. I will test wingers without close down more to see if the difference is the close down more, then I post it for anyone that wants to use normal wingers instead, since some people don't like defensive wingers.

P.S.2: The version using wingers with close down more, which I'm calling Blue 3.1, is getting more points here, but less goal difference. I'm still running tests without close down more to see if that is what makes the difference.

Amazing work with your tactic!
I'm curious about that Blue 4.0 now... :P
Here's the last update! It performs very well, I hope it could get tested :)

4222 strikerless Mornon DLP.fmf
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Here's some screenshots

New strikerless tactic, an evolution of my previous 4114 tactic.
4222 strikerless Mornon.fmf
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Uploaded : Feb 24, 2021
great idea! Looking forward to see first results
Mornon said: I'm testing it right now, I'll let you know :)

I tried it and it didn't bring any significant advantage
Dimartino said: No. Do you think it can make a significant improvement in performance?

I'm testing it right now, I'll let you know :)
Have you tried an APL instead of the CM in the middle?
Prutton said: It was nothing special in the test, but enough to beat all tactics that use real forwards.

Is it me or this year (especially after last patch) is harder to tweak instructions in order to make a tactic viable for both top and underdog teams?
Last year a lot of tactics let you overachieve with almost every team.

I'm still tweaking my 41140 tactic and everytime I gain on the underdog side I leave something on the top teams performances.
Simply insane... Can't wait to test it with an underdog team.
A strikerless tactic inspired by Magician's Phoenix and an Helamuth tweak.
Wingers moved forward and changed to AP, FBs instead of IWBs.

Could you please test it?
4114 strikerless Mornon.fmf
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Uploaded : Dec 28, 2020
Really interesting, I'm working on something similar, starting from my narrow 41212 tactic.
I was trying to work with mezzalas in the midfield but results were disappointing.
Using FBs instead of WBs makes defense more solid but a lot less productive when attacking.
FMDee08 said: Hi, I play on Xbox, any PIs on the roles? i’d love to try this out!

no PI, except for FBs with "shoot less" and "cross by the line" instructions.
I'm working on a strikerless/wingless tactic now, based on this one