Hello everybody,

I am trying to find the ultimate tactic. This one ain't probably it but it works quite well. Tested it with Real Madrid, Wolves and Benfica.

Tell me if you have any suggestions to improve it!
Schlouh Tactic.fmf
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babemocni1988 said: I dont uderstand the people who testing tactics with teams like Paris SG,Liverpool,Barcelona,Bayern,where is the point?With those teams you can win everything with any decent tactic,I mean at least with some media team whould be much more apriciated and helpful!

Hey mate  cheers. I play with PSG because I am a fan. i never said I made my tactic testing with them, otherwise I would not have played nearly 10 seasons ahah.

have fun and do not overthink sometimes, just have fun with the game ;)
Zippo said: Please, could you update the opening post and put the info about the tactic(the screenshots of the tactic and result) into it.


Done :)
Lapidus said: I think it's been tested for FM21 already - https://fm-arena.com/tactic/617-4222-moyibi/

Hey buddy, it is not the same, I just used the name Moyibi in both of them, but they are different ;)

Could you please try this tactic for me? It is my tactic that was very efficient on FM20, maybe it still is in FM21 ;)

Results with Real Madrid

Results with Lyon

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Could you please try this tactic for me? It works pretty well for me :D

Here are some results with the tactic:

It works very well individually too

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Could you please try this tactic? It worked pretty well for me on the Beta ;)
4222 Moyibi.fmf
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Hello guys, can you test this tactic, please?
High possession.fmf
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Hello everybody, can you test this tactic please?
L2 Pigeon.fmf
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