Tactical Real CA. Basically it should calculate player's usefulness on the position based on his attributes using the ykyky balanced table for attribute weighing. Post#113 on page 4 should give you any idea of how to do it and then Mark made it more graphical in post #285 on page 10.
Well that's even more than I hoped to learn! Thank you for taking your time to replay and help me out with it.

I will also give it a go and if I come across any interesting results, I will make sure to share it here with you and the others.
Ok, I had a small mistake in my calculations (mixed the multipliers for teamwork and leadership). Thanks for checking it on your side!

The only question thats left is that if it is accurate to use TRCA for other tactics as well? Does it matter what roles were used? Or as long as the tactic uses GK/CD/FB/DM/W/AM/ST and avoids WB/MC/MRL it is fine to use the TRCA to calculate players usefulness for that Position excluding factors like Players Instructions and Roles. I think that in previous converstations you have already touched the topic but I also think it was based on the General Rating from Genie Scout and not the TRCA. Any idea on that or is it something that was not tested so we can't be sure of the outcome?
Sure, maybe I can show you some examples for better understanding :)
Let's forget about the part with dividing by the perfect player and only stop at the Tactical True Current Ability. Following only your caluclations quoted in my first post I've made an excel file using ykyky balanced table for FST.

I took 2 players and did the calculations:

Then I looked them up in the Genie scout (don't the have the G version so I downloaded FM22 again and used the older version) and their General Rating shows this:

^I know it says TS for Mavididi but its the exact the same as for the FST :D

And now like I mentioned before, I'm not a fan of Genie Scout cause it shows too much information (CA/PA, other hidden attributes etc.), but the Tactictal True Ability favors Mavididi by a margin and the General Rating in Genie shows that Abel Ruiz would be a better option by 0,5%. I just want to make sure that the excel file can help me pick up the player who probably should perform better based on the weighted attribute table I'm using.
Hello,@Mark I have a question that u have probably already answered in this thread but I'm a little bit lost. Same as others I would like to use excel for the calculations as I don't want to see CA/PA etc.

Mark said: That is an interesting question. I think our Chinese colleagues gave us the answer to this very question. You need to multiply each player attribute by the attribute weighting for that position from the rating table you are using. Then total of all these calculations and divide by the total value of all the weightings for that position to give you the weighted average value of attributes. Multiply the weighted average value of attributes by 20 and subtract 121. This will give you the Tactical True Current Ability for that position for that player and allow you to compare them with other players of the same position.

You do need to remember the analysis done by FM Arena on position ability though. If a player is less than accomplished at the position you shouldn't be using them in that position.

Based on the calculations provided I did some test to see how it works for Lewandowski as FST. After multiplying each player attribute by the atribute weighting for the FST from the ykyky balanced table, then divided the total of it by the total value of all the weightings (which is 1172 cause im not taking weakfoot) and it gave me a number which then I used to multiply by 20 and subtract 121. This resulted in 204,2 Tactical True Cuerrent Ability for Lewandowski. I also did the calculation for the "perfect player" and the maximum number based on the calculation shows 294,3. I divided Lewandowski's score by the "perfect player" score and % value is 72,7.

And here it is where I'm lost. What other calculation needs to be done to get the General Rating for the position I'm looking for. As I have seen some screenshots posted by You it shows that Lewandowski is somewhere around 92% and its way off from the 72,7 I'm getting.

Sorry in advance if something is unclear, but I hope it all makes sense :D