pipo said: What is the preferred foot of the two wingers

Left winger - left foot, Right Winger - right foot
DeviAngel said: Тhere's a V2 of this tactics on FMBase is it yours @Maverick or ?

Strikers score like crazy :O


No, 'FANATICv2' on FMBase isn't my tactic.
I've uploaded a defensive version of the tactic.

If at some point in a match you need to become more defensive then you can use it.
DuG said: hey could you try recreating this but with a mixed throw in routine they seem to be stronger than just long throws now?

Hmm... Long throw-ins work better for me than short throw-ins.
djdomo said: is there a Conditions Saving Tactic for this :)

I'll make it soon.
Danney07 said: Hi guys, could someone do me a massive favour? Can you post the player instructions? I’m on Xbox so I can’t download this sadly :( my Twitter is DanneyFpl. Looks like a great tactic @Maverick
Thanks for sharing your results, guys! :love:
dudu said: @Maverick
hey, which position scores the most of the goals?


Usually, the strikers score the most of goals
V3 for 21.4 is up :)

Please can you test my new tactic FANATIC for the 21.4 patch.

It's a tweak of Phoenix tactic.


If at some point in a match you need to become more defensive then you can use the defensive version.
FANATIC ( Defensive ).fmf
Downloaded : 2,537 times
Uploaded : Mar 22, 2021
Downloaded : 6,484 times
Uploaded : Mar 17, 2021
crazyfmguy93 said: I play in lowest league in Turkey, white group. Highest CA is 95 or 100.

so then you just need to look for available players from that CA range and make sure their CA is allocated in accordance with this table -

It's as simple as that.
crazyfmguy93 said: I need to understand "which things how to work"? @Maverick

In what league league do you play?

What would be the highest CA for your league?
crazyfmguy93 said: Is there anybody use Genie Scout with Phoenix, Zaz, Afterlife?
I prefer using FMRTE over FM Genie Scout.

crazyfmguy93 said: And which one is important? Positional ratings or current abiilty or role ratings?
I suggest ignoring all that crap... everything is much easier and the only what you need to do is understand how things work.
Prutton said: Another question: I often use players in a position that they are not training, like a DRL in MRL or DM in CM, for example. If instead of using PI for dribble more I use the TI, does that mean they will perform better, since they will have familiarity to the dribble more instruction from TI, which they wouldn't from playing out of position?

a player ability to play at a position and the tactic familiarity are different things and they don't interchange
Prutton said: So, is get stuck in useless if you use maximum pressing intensity already?

"Get Stuck In" TI does 2 things: 1) Actives "Tackle Harder" for all positions in your tactic  2) Increases the pressing intensity.

So if you don't want to increase the pressing intensity and you want to activate "Tackle Harder" only for some positions then you can use "Tackle Harder" PI instead of "Get Stuck In" TI.


Prutton said: Do you know what TIs convert to what PIs?

That subject is huge. If you narrow your question then I'll try to help.
Prutton said: Simple question. Are you sure? Can I trust that information?

Yes, that info from the Devs.
Egraam said: I'm not 100% sure about TI and PI not stacking - tackle harder and Get Stuck In should be the same thing, but if you have tackle harder on every player and then add Get Stuck In, the tactic intensity increases - it works the same the other way around, if you start removing tackle harder PI from tactic that has Get Stuck In, the tactic intensity decreases anyway.

"Get Stuck" TI and "Tackle Harder" PI isn't the same thing.

"Get Stuck" TI also increases the pressing intensity but "Tackle Harder" PI doesn't do that.

"Run At Defense" TI and "Dribble More" PI do the same thing, they set the dribbling setting at the highest possible level.
Prutton said: Ohh, it doesn't stack? I always thought those instructions stacked. Will it be the same if I remove from PI and add to TI instead?

TI ( Team Instructions ) have priority over PI ( Players Instructions )

Team Instructions overwrite Players Instructions

"Run At  Defense" TI does the same thing as "Dribble More" PI and they don't stack
Prutton said: I wonder why Run at Defense doesn't make much difference. Judging by the results, now with Agility too, it should be a super effective TI.

The "Run At Defense" TI doesn't make any difference because usually all positions already have "Dribble More PI" activated so the "Run at Defense" TI has no effect.
I'm not surprised that the Dribbling attribute also makes a significant difference in FM21