Outlaw V2
NeOnHD92 said: Hi there @Maverick, how are you?
Who test tactics here on FM Arena? To test FM22 Fanecas


Post your tactic in the FM22 tactic sharing section -

Soon after the beta is over fm-arena will start testing FM22 tactics
NeOnHD92 said: @MrGreen

Just with @Maverick permission

Sure, feel free to share it.

Btw, here's some result of Fanatic tactic in FM22 -
DeviAngel said: Тhere's a V2 of this tactics on FMBase is it yours @Maverick or ?

Strikers score like crazy :O


No, 'FANATICv2' on FMBase isn't my tactic.
I've uploaded a defensive version of the tactic.

If at some point in a match you need to become more defensive then you can use it.
DuG said: hey could you try recreating this but with a mixed throw in routine they seem to be stronger than just long throws now?

Hmm... Long throw-ins work better for me than short throw-ins.
djdomo said: is there a Conditions Saving Tactic for this :)

I'll make it soon.
Danney07 said: Hi guys, could someone do me a massive favour? Can you post the player instructions? I’m on Xbox so I can’t download this sadly :( my Twitter is DanneyFpl. Looks like a great tactic @Maverick
Thanks for sharing your results, guys! :love:
dudu said: @Maverick
hey, which position scores the most of the goals?


Usually, the strikers score the most of goals for me

Please can you test my new tactic FANATIC for the 21.4 patch.

It's a tweak of Phoenix tactic.


If at some point in a match you need to become more defensive then you can use the defensive version.
FANATIC ( Defensive ).fmf
Downloaded : 5,464 times
Uploaded : Mar 22, 2021

This tactic is a tweak of Phoenix 3.0.

I moved the wingers from the ML and MR positions to the AML and AMR positions.

I think this tweak can be very handy for those people who like to play with AML and AMR positions instead of ML and MR positions because I think it's easier to find players for AML and AMR positions than for ML and MR positions.

I tried this tactic with Liverpool and it just annihilated every team. :)

Please, can you test it.


FloeDK said: 1. Is it plug and play?
No idea what you mean

FloeDK said: 2. Which training do you use for each position?
If I see the Finishing attribute of my strikers is low then I try to improve it, if see that the Acceleration attribute of my wingers is low then I try to improve it and so on... 

FloeDK said: Any preffered high abilities for each position/player role?
just use common sense
Thanks for positive feedback, pals.

This tactic gives me very good results.

I tried the tactic with Leicester City and won the league.


Here are my two best tactics for FM21 Beta.

I tried the tactics with Tottenham and they worked just incredible. :)

Werewolf v1.0 - FM21 Beta.fmf
Downloaded : 702 times
Uploaded : Nov 12, 2020
Phantom v1.0 - FM21 Beta.fmf
Downloaded : 689 times
Uploaded : Nov 12, 2020