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Ajax said: Helo Zealot. this tactic work with last patch 22.2 ? thanks.


Sadly, it doesn't work well in the last patch. :(
Guys, don't waste your precious time on that guy, he's really not worth it.
CBP87 said: You seen this  @Zealot 

Wow! Obviously, that guys is a tactical genius! :shock:

if anyone need a conditions saving tactic for Revelation tactic then here you go

More info - https://fm-arena.com/thread/1866-important-adjusting-the-intensity-level-of-a-tactic/
Conditions Saving Tactic ( Revelation ).fmf
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Uploaded : Nov 26, 2021
Scri said: Thanks Zealot, but i don't see passing stile, which tactical style do you use?

Thanks and sorry.

I guess there's no difference between the Xbox and PC versions when it comes to the way tactics work so if you don't see any specific TIs settings then it's on the default settings for the mentality.

But I'll add them anyway.

Scri said: Hi zealot, may I ask you to post screen of instruction in possession, in transition and out of possesion? I’m playing with Xbox and I won’t to try your tactic. Thanks

but there are screenshots with the information you request in the 1st post.

DJJENSEN said: What training do you use?
General - Training Style ( Balanced )

Individual Training - the roles/duties in the tactic
avonseller said: Also what type of profile do you think works better for the RPM? Better tackler or a passer if you had to choose
When it requires to evaluate attributes I always look at this table - https://fm-arena.com/table/13-fm22-attributes-ratings/

avonseller said: What would you say are the most important positions in the tactic?
Probably, the striker, inside forwards and central defenders are the most significant contributors.
DST said: Hi, I have a question. Is it worth using this tactic against a very strong opponent? I played another tactic, which also uses a very attacking mentality, and lost 0-6 after the 1 half) When I changed my mentality to cautious, I never missed in the 2nd half. Is it worth changing your mentality if you are a tough outsider?


I can only share my experience with lowering the mentality, it's never done any good for me. I don't know maybe lowering the mentality doesn't work only for me.
Belmorn said: @Zealot could you do just like zaz cyan , make this tactic but with all on ease of tackles instead of tackle harder , so we can see the difference ? For zaz cyan it made 0 difference on performance , but huge stamina saver

I've tried adding "Easy Off Tackles" and for me it hit the result very badly :(
mbagdu said: hey @Zealot great tactic so far. congrats.



mbagdu said: i have a question. do you use any OI's?

No, I don't use any OIs.
tom1972 said: IF in Revelation left or right foot on left side ?

Inside forwards with the stronger foot opposite to the flank they play work better for me but you can experiment with their preferred foot. :)
Chewbacca said: Ouchh... looks like it requires having some kind of "Energy Saving" tactic for this tactic, it would be great if someone made such tactic.


I'll try to figure out something.
just me said: Revelation

Well done!

saitjerome said: @Zealot Knap once said "in fm22 they're improved IWs so its better to choice IWs instead of IFs"

Could u make possession based tactic?

Sorry, I've never had desire to make a possession tactic.

I've heard @ZaZ did a good possession tactic. You can try ask him.
luisanjao said: what's the difference if I change IF to IW?

I don't think changing the IFs to IWs will make any significant difference but I prefer using IFs, it works better for me.
cptdoggo said: Again, apologies if you actually didn't base it on that one, but it's literally the same exact roles in each position, the ones you show here all have at least a role switch. Ours are the same tactic in terms of roles, just with the standard "meta" instructions.

EDIT: Again, congrats for making it work, I couldn't get it to this level, I was just very surprised to see the exact same formation/roles as mine top the charts.

No worries, no offense taken at all and thanks for the congratulations.

But As I said there's really nothing unique in the combinations of the roles and duties that the tactic has, there've been a million tactics like this before.

I think having such roles and duties isn't enough to make it working that well and it also requires having the same set of TIs, PIs and the mentality which I find a quite unique combination.
ZaZ said: To be honest, I tried that shape when I was working on Green, but it didn't go very well with me. Good thing you made it work, because it's one of the most common shapes in real football.

I tried this shape, roles and duties in every previous FM version and it never worked well but this time I've got lucky this it. :) I think I managed to find a very effective combination of the mentality, TIs, roles and duties which work very in this ME.

And still this tactic is much less deadly compering with the strikerless tactics that we had for FM21.
@cptdoggo, here are just few tactics from FM20. As I said it's just impossible to come with something unique at this point in FM because everything has been tried already.