Based off my

Changed Mentality from Balanced to Cautious/
Taken from my 433 Defend Macey Tactic, changed a few roles and went for a funky Asymmetrical tactic which actually did well of not conceding too many goals.

The Home record was immense and if using the tactic in Live (not vacation) then use Cautious away from home for better results.
The tactic has a lot of inspiration from @Delicious tactics and uses his Set-Pieces so appreciate his work a lot.

After discussing on Discord I decided to make a Proper 4-3-3 Formation and to those who played FIFA it is a 4-3-3(2) Shape. Its not the strongest away from home, but dominates at Home
So refreshing not seeing a 4-2-2-2 :D
This has given me the idea that i need to change all my weighting in Genie scout now 😂
Falbravv said: kjarus tweak

Sorry I should've said is Kjarus tweak of V3 or V4 of Xmas
This latest tweak i am seeing that destoryed PSG is this twk 4 or 3 😂
Mark said: Welcome to the forum as a contributor. I am interested how it plays out, please give an update on what you found

I've decided to start again with a team in the Lower leagues around League One. Thinking MK Dons. At first i tried using filters in game only with everton and didn't quite work out well. I've now done what you have detailed in a previous post. Used ykykyk genie settings but added filter to have x value in the stat and then go for Genie Rating.

Will report back how i get on. If anyone likes to play with 2 DM's Bayer Leverkusen have 2 perfect DM's that fit Mark's Theory already.
Mark said: Welcome to the forum as a contributor. I am interested how it plays out, please give an update on what you found

My biggest issue is... I can't clear the deadwood out of Everton 😂
Mark said: I decided to try and find a way to get best value for money for buying players. I have used the ykykyky ratings file which finds the best players by position, I know just using acceleration and pace will result in pretty good players especially in lower divisions. What I decided to focus on was attributes with low CA cost, using the attribute cost table, but big positional impact ie high weighting in the ykykyky rating file. I only looked at rating weights of 50 or higher.

I then ranked the attributes after calculating the attribute weight divided by CA cost.

I think the attribute scores that are above 15 are the ones to use. I have been using the Division average and adding a point or 2 and searching for players. I seem to be getting pretty good players using this approach. My most recent save is tier 8 in the English system. I struggled early and was 6 wins 2 draws and 2 losses after the first 10 games. I restarted the save and bought 10 players using this approach, to cover all outfield positions using ZaZ Blue 4.0. Won the first 10 games.

If you give it a try, please let me know how you go.

Hey Mark, First of as this is my first post I want to say Hi. I feel like a naughty spy having followed this whole thread through FM22 but never created an Account.

I've just started playing FM 23 and fancied a lower team in Premier League or maybe lower league. I decided to give this a shot. I love how you've taken weights of 50+ from ykykyk and divided them by CA Cost. I decided to implement them into FM Lineup Tool even though its not updated anymore as a quick Rating guide and will use the ingame Filters also.

Looking forward to giving it a go.