Chriswin4 said: Okay, I'll have a look and get back to you

very spectacular tactic, thank you
Wow! original :)
chef said: If you don't see an instruction on the left side it's always left to default, so in this case - standard defensive line

hi bro, 10 games, 9 wins. What about leg priority for pressing forwards?
Lapidus said: Check this -

I read this analysis for that week, bro. It's nice to realize that strong players decide no less than tactics
Lapidus said: there are no special designed tactics for underdogs that make them win 100% matches

there are no special designed tactics for favorites that me them win 100% matches

BUT there are good tactics that make you overarching(doing better than your media prediction) with any type of team

AND there are poor tactics that make you underachieve(doing worse than your media prediction) with any type of team

This is excellent. But now I always dreamed of choosing different tactics for each opponent. Neutralizing their strong positions and realize my best sides. It is not very fun to play only one tactic. Playing in one championship of the team of almost the same level, but when you play in the Cup and go far by playing Vanarama South by amateur club, there you need to make a miracle and make some money a lot of luck and tactics that will perfectly work in this game.
ta2199 said: I disagree. Playing with a strong team is essential to ensure that the players can fulfill the requirements of the tactic. And I do think you can use the tactic for underdogs team, because a lot of times there will be through ball straight to striker without many one-two pass

What you say correctly, but the high line of defense makes it possible to escape the opponent's forwards
chef said: I'm just testing with City, doesn't mean it won't work for underdogs. Did you try using it for a season?

I tried a few tactics of KNAP, but they do not work as confident as before, this year it became harder, but more realistic. Now I have begun the season with your tactics and statistics in the game gives me more chances to win than tactics with winger and insiders. xG is much better. I like to play with one striker, but it looks like extreme attackers do not dominate now. I will test your tactics.
chef said: When they run it 3 times 1920 -> 5760 matches.

Bro, do you have tactics for the underdog? Are all the tactics that are at their best here for strong teams?