flop era v1.1
My 343 https://fm-arena.com/thread/3479-stick-bpd/ with a Trequartista instead of AF, unexpectedly conceded less in my first test
343 with BPD(d)
A asymmetric 343
Test of https://fm-arena.com/thread/3153-flop-era/ but with attacking Wingers, run at defence, focus play, counter press, take less risk + dribble more BPD and removed get stuck in (all players have tackle hard, this was likely useless)
This is based on my 433 flop era but build around a dlf on support
v1.1 with shorter passing and underlap, did score slightly more and conceded less in testing
433 experiment with iwb(s) and attack through cm(a) with w(s)
Milan Tree as the name suggests is loosely based on the 4321 Ancelotti used in the mid 2000s at AC Milan. It's using instructions from the instruction testing and ZaZ set pieces.

A test with Atalanta: