Hey mate, do i need to upload my own results if i am uploading other's tactic like Knap's tactic?
We are all Negan... and TFF :cool:
ForeverEverton said: Surprised by that score TBF, thanks for testing....

Me too...
New 451 very attacking mentality, amazing results. Please test, thanks.
Result update
Try this, it should be better
Zippo said: @rrson, hi.

When you propose someone else's tactic for the testing then please, post your own result with it.

Thank you.
A very solid three at the back formation. Please test, thanks.
My favourite formation that works really well. Please test, thanks.
A superb tactic for me. Please test, thanks.
Zippo said: @rrson, hi.

Please, add a screenshot of the tactic.

Thank you.
Another great tactic that works well for me. Please test, thanks.
This works very well for me. Please test, thanks.
Anyone has any idea? Or perhaps @Alexander willing to share some estimated figures :)
cadoni said: This shape is very unique, I am not talking about a classic 442 or 4141 or 433 DM.

This formation is nothing unique at all, it's a common wide diamond shape many people has applied in fm many years ago. Knap has hundreds of tactics with all kind of formation and shapes and when you have that amount of tactics all other tactics will surely look like one of them.

I would say one can only claim copy of a tactic if the tactic's formation, TI, PI and set pieces are at least 80% similar.