4141 Tsume
@Delicious What is the reasoning behind one near post and one far post corner? Wouldn't finding the superior one be best for fm-arena testing purposes?
This is just a more narrow 424 idea with all the instructions that seem to test well. Also trying the combination of defense instructions that makes sense to me.
I think it would be a cool challenge for tactic creators to create the best tactic that uses a (non-DLP) playmaker role for each position. I imagine for most tactics, adding a playmaker will be a negative but what if there is a surprise? It will also be great to find some tactics that lose very little and so will probably become a gain if your team does have a transcendent player in that position. Thoughts?
Have you tried RPM in the center? I wonder where it falls compared to DM(S) and DM(D) and it's a very different type of player so it would be useful information in practice to know if it's a usable tweak.
Outside AF roam, along with IWB. Makes for some fluid plays.

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Yeah, that's nice. Lots to try from there as far as flank combinations and that DM role.
It didn't go so well but maybe it's the team selection or injuries. I'd love to see how playable it is to build around a shape like this because I've tried 3 striker setups in saves and they can be demanding to keep a hold of the players for them. :)

It is a copy of @Delicious amazing 3ATB tactic with minor tweak to WB PI's and the different shape - https://fm-arena.com/thread/3161-3atb-contest/
I love it. I as just thinking of a new save with 3 ATB.

I'd really like to play a 3-5-2 with a MEZ pair + some holding midfielder Do you think that would cripple it?
igorlc10 said: can you show the players stats?

Sorry. I forgot to save that one. I jumped right into a second test and had a much better result with some tweaks though. Let me know what stats are interesting.

Edit: here you go, I picked out some stats I thought would be interesting.
I started this test as soon as I uploaded the first. The results are so so so much better!

It's the same idea, I want to get use out of a classic #10 and a talismanic pressing forward in my save. Thank you for testing my upload @Zippo , please allow this one too. In the future, I will work on setting up a league like ZaZ recommends before asking for testing here.

I (correctly this time) copied all of ZaZ's SP's.

edit: I know that this asymetric staggering in the advanced midfield probably makes for worse testing. If this one does much better than the 4132, it would be interesting to see how a flat/smoothed out version does in this testing league but I'm more interested in finding a strong tactic to run in my save.
Just a 4-1-3-2 that fits the players in my Hallescher FC career save. I had some bad injury luck in this season simulation but would really appreciate this tactic being tested. :D

Roaming AM(S) and I like the idea of defenders bringing the ball up the pitch rather than using overlap/underlaps.

I took SPs from ZaZ latest tactic.
ZaZ said: I have created a save file with only English teams, and set all players from the two top leagues to have maximum consistency and minimum injury proneness. Then I run tests with eight teams, one save with two teams from Premier League and two from Championship, and another similar with different teams, divided equally by season odds. After that, I do five runs for both saves, which gives a total of 1680 matches. After that, I do a rank test to define which variation of the tactic is the best.

Thanks for the answer. You do it in a very robust way!
Hi Zaz,

Could you tell me how to effectively test tactics? Do you use your training with or without some modifications for match-buff training? Or maybe just let assistant manager do everything?

I'd like to minimize injury variance but also not give up some training advantage.