So guys this is the best 4231 around?I am curious to try,this year I didn't use this shape
Delicious said: :)

So shadows works better then AM?I also take out be more disciplined 👍,what about defensive line you think so standard is the best one?I am working on old version,n players instructions to reduce stupid shots and seems works very well,what do you think so about shot less often for all positions and I add strikers to take more risk also,seems works even better,but I don't do holiday tests only comprenhansive highlights 😉
@Delicious  mate when you will have a time can you review 4222 as many of us doesn't want to use wingers and this shape is very strong too,after this insane  results do you have any new advice or role for 4222?
@Delicious  I am very happy,I will upload this masterpiece in my Roma save even I don't have players for it,this is pure domination,and I love 3 striker tactics!
Will inform you how is the feeling actually playing it 😉
One and only @Delicious  👏👏👏
Do you ever sleep?? 😄
You holidayed season or you played matches?
Here we go!This is what I was waiting for 👏👏👏
Will test it more,for now looks much better,I play all matches in comprenhansive mode,and more I play more I am sure that this shape is the best way to fight with PL teams 😉
new update mate,I wasnt complete satisfited with IWB contribution and I have decided to change role to Fb*S*
With instructions to still stay narow but to run and try to cross more often from deep as oportunity arrives,plus I added him to mark tight because often oposition IF get too much space to operate
What I get from that is more contribution fom them because before we didnt have nobody on the flanks,and i got and more stability in defence :thup:
Porro and Perisic seems unstopable now!
Delicious said: You can make wbs sitting narrow as well but one cut inside and the other cut wide with the ball.
About iwbs i was trying to test if the would over-load as well.

@Zippo on this situation if the Iwb got the ball, and volante moves up, he will cut inside or not? Maybe i was thinking too ahead but after you made this post i am not sure my self

He will always cut inside as opportunity presents
I agree with that 100 % but this ME is unlogical and so many times you get results with some formations and roles that shouldn't be working together
For example I am playing with @Delicious  new tactic with 2 IWBs on support and in front of them 2 DMS and on the left side is DLP on D and normaly that should not work because DLP on D is taking a space for a IWB to cut inside with the ball but it works as a charm because this ME in everything but not logical so 😂
@Delicious  So far so good I am really impresed(10 clean sheets in 15 games) not just with results but with stability and domination during the gameplay
Tottenham no transfers,observing every match in comprenhansive mode
I also made some changes in attacking throw ins and attacking corners too because I was never dangerous from them,at least now i get some shots
Let see how this project will finish until the end of the season COYS!!!
opq said: Great thanks to @babemocni1988  for advice to make IWB less risky.
I definitely like them more in Zinchenko style

Yeah they really often make stupid pass so taking less risk really helps :thup:
Delicious said: What ois are you using? i will take a look in some days about that too :D

I am using this guy lok his stats :cool:

5 clean sheets in 7 games with Dier and Romero as center backs :D
I think so utilising guy with high tactical knowledge on OI real helps :thup:
Major improvement during the play I made by reducing the risk on IWB by taking fewer risk as I noticed that they often make stupid mistakes on both sides so take that in consideration also @Delicious
This is the only tactic able to produce this kind of results on this shitty ME
I just set defensive line on lower
Plus I am using AM to take on Opposition instructions
Well done mate :thup:
Love the shape 😃,looking forward to test this, impressive results 👏👏👏
MakeSuRE said: And once again it failed in arena test:cry:

Yeah,I will do some proper test with this tactic,results with Lazio are impressive,by the way your tactic are always TOP when actually play!
Keep up good job 💪
Impressive 👏👏👏