I will test it also,big fan of 4312 formation,good job man!Keep it up
Jimmypb said: Record with SL Benfica - swept every competition in Portugal as well as 3 champions league final appearances (2 victories). Finished Liga NOS with record of P 34 W 34 D 0 L 0 F 125 A 6 (Didn't concede a goal in the first 22 games).
Insane results,have you tested this in premier league?
Egraam said: Threedom V3 is here, and it's quite a big tactical revolution, because I've finally managed to get rid of extreme gegenpressing - much higher LOE is still there, but pressing intesity has been lowered from much more urgent to slightly more urgent (100% to 50%) and counterpress has been removed.

Full list of changes:
- Removed Counterpress
- Pressing Intensity: Much More Urgent -> Slightly More Urgent (2 ticks down)
- Added Tight Marking
- Added Play for set pieces
- Added Hold Position to Wingers

Updated main post with the file.

Real only 18 conceded, Elche was predicted like 19th or 18th so it's still a good overachievement, but they had 3rd goal difference in the league, so perhaps a bit unlucky point result there.

Thia seems like real revolution,have you tested it more?
This tactic is insane with top team,pure plug and play,using it in my second season with Inter Milano,first season used phoenix,and my tweak and won triple,now  I made very powerfull team and i can take more risk with this system,recomanded to anyone to use it,its amazing,i will post results soon
Zippo said: @tester1988, I see that this is Vujevic's tactic... if you post not your own tactic then please, always state it in the opening and provide info about the author and a link to the source of the tactic.

Yes its Vujevic tactic,wanted to test it if its possible
Hello,this is my tweak of Phoenix V5
Some results of holiday mode tests
FULHAM media prediction 20(fa cup won)

Leeds media prediction 10(fa cup won)

Liverpool media prediction 2(108 points)
My long time save will be Udinese Calcio in Serie A.I love that club and there is one of my favorite players Rodrigo De Paul,i would try to build a team around him,with just Italian and Argentine players,that is club philosophy
Prutton said: I'm playing with Leamington for six or seven years (in game) with the same tactic. It started on the lowest division of england and climbed up to Premier League. Last season I ended in 14th, and this season I am currently in 5th. For reference, I was predicted last place, with extremely low odds. The best player of my team is presented below, and as you can see, his CA should not be much higher than 100 (I can check next season when I sell him, with in-game editor).

I have yet to play a season where my team didn't overachieve by a lot. If opponents can't learn my tactic after six or seven seasons, I don't think they ever will.

Nice to see that!Maybe i will change my opinion after seeing this,just nobody show me proof like this playing with the same tactic all the time,with underdog,with the same team,maybe after this I will start my new long save and try not to get frustrated so much,thanks pal!
tacticseeker said: People are explaining to you and you're just not accepting it cause you don't want to hear it.

I've played FM for over 10 years and I've never had a second season worse than my first that I can remember.

It's not coded in the game, accept it.

Its not true,i just share my opinion,everyone have a right to do it so...
tacticseeker said: Winning with Bologna is easier than getting 100 points with West Ham.

EPL is a lot harder this year, Serie A is a lot easier to get 85 points, you just have to hope Juventus doesn't go 90+.

If you want to really test your theory, go do five COMPLETELY NEW saves with West Ham and see if you get 100 points every season with no editing/reloading, you probably won't, I'd bet on it.

Can you go and play with Bologna and won in first season like me then we can discuss😉
tacticseeker said: No

The point he's making is, you get 100 points with West Ham if you're VERY LUCKY

That's why it doesn't happen 2 seasons in a row

The reason you get 100 points with West Ham is if you get VERY lucky

And wining with Bologna also supose i got lucky,i got it🤫
Lapidus said: @babemocni1988, imagine... you pick West Ham, plug some cheating tactic and BOOM you've got 100pts at the end of the season. :shock:

Do you really think SI would allowed something like that?

If something like that was possible then what was the point in having such players as Messi or Ronaldo in your team? Or what was the point in trying to develop such players for your team? Or what was the point in becoming the richest club?

Many important areas in the game would be irrelevant in that case but SI spends a lot of its resources to develop those areas so they will never allow you to dominate the best leagues with mid-table clubs even using the most effective tactics.

Of course, you can get 100pts with West Ham but such result should be consider as a very lucky result and should not be expected and taken for granted.

so there is possibility that tactic also stop working in second season because SI doesnt alow you to win again in the same way? :)
ta2199 said: Instant Result. I can play the whole season and upload again if you want to. I stopped there because 8 point is a massive gap between 1st and 2nd position. And also I dont think there will be a problem to win the league with your team. You just need to manage your team condition

It would be nice if you have a time,i have continued to play and results seems beter,i am in the 4 final of the Champions cup,won Carabao but in league i strugle,liverpool come close to 1 point,but its normal,too many games to play,and fitness condition is not perfect,signed 2 new players for better deapth
Lapidus said: Such matches is the reason why you always want to have the best team in the game because as you can see with your current team you got only 2.0 xG and that wasn't enough to score more than 1 goal and win the match but if you were Barca or Man City then probably you got 5.0 xG and your team scored 3 or more goals and you easily won it.

The game isn't only about having the most effective tactic but it's also about having the best players.

You focus too much on having the best tactic and you expect too much from having it but having the best players is no less important. Just try using any average tactic with Barcelona, Man City, Liverpool or PSG and you find yourself wining everything most of time even using an average tactic.

To get The Ring of Eternal Power :goofy: in this game it requires having both ingredients: the most effective tactic and the best players. As you can see having only one of the ingredients doesn't give you The Ring of Eternal Power. :D

Sure nice explaned,so lets everybody play with Liverpool Barca and City and then maybe we dont need so lucky in every match,where is the point of that,how was possible to win almoust every match in first season with West Ham and also another save with Bologna where i won instantly very easy in first year..i supose i got lucky in all games even with such a small team like Bologna..
OH another positive result,how lucky I am and happy
Lapidus said: As I can see no one was lucky/unlucky in that match everyone got what he deserved and you could win it if you prevented the departure of Alex Telles :)

How is that when you sad that against all big teams u need to have a lucky to beat them :)
I am trying to change my mentality and try to be happy whenever i get positive results against top 5 teams even if i get 20 shoots on goal and they got 5
Lapidus said: I see Alex Telles was sent off due to receiving the 2nd yellow card and after that Arsenal scored the 2nd goal but that could be prevented by reducing his tackling aggression or subbing him.

But the question is who was lucky there,me or Arsenal?😀
and starting thinking like you guys just i can not understand who should be unlucky here me or Arsenal :D
or I should be lucky to get a draw agains them :D
Lapidus said: Your team media prediction is 8th. Wolves media prediction is 10th. Bournemouth media prediction is 13th.

Those teams aren't much worse than your team and if you are a bit unlucky in matches against them then you can lose.

But all that really doesn't matter because at the end of the season you'll find your team's sitting above your media prediction before the season and that's the only what matters.

Ok pal thats your opinion and i have mine,i respect you and all of you who doesnt agree with me,i really love to play this game and sometimes Its realy frustrating,good FM to everyone!
Lapidus said: You don't need to be lucky in every match of the season.

Against weaker opponents it's enough just not to be unlucky and you win due to having better players and using a better tactic.

Against stronger or equal opponents you need some luck to win, especially playing away.

How many teams in the league are stronger than your team? About 7 teams? So you need to be lucky in 10-12 matches during the season.

Perfect,then explane me why i couldnt win on the start against Leeds,Everton Bournemouth and Wolves...ahh i needed lucky even there,come on pal!