Nikko said: I used it about 5 seasons and it worked flawlessly for me.

I guess it is just about sequences as ZaZ said. Glad this worked with you that long, I hope I will be able to experience it ;)
ZaZ said: Despite what some people might say, all tactics in FM21 work indefinitely. There is no artificial intelligence to adapt to your style, the only mechanisms to avoid complete dominance are physical and psycological factors, like fatigue and complacency. What happens is that some people get used to thirty or fourty matches without losses, then they can't understand when they get five losses in a row, even if it goes back to sixty matches undefeated after that.

I have a theory that those lose streaks can also happen when a high number of players fall into "not consistent" matches. There is a hidden attribute called Consistency that basically defines the probability of a player to play with full attributes, else he plays with reduced attributes. If one or two players get inconsistent during a match, it's hard to notice, but if it happens with five or more players at once, you start seeing mistakes everywhere.

Unfortunatelly, two bad matches are enough to lower the morale and spiral out of control. From FM-Arena tests, morale is one of the most important attributes for team performance.

What I mean here is that it's fine to get a bad sequence of matches, that doesn't mean the tactic stopped working. It just means you need to fix morale, physical condition, psychologic factors and be patient with the randomness of consistency. If it goes badly with a good tactic, it would be even worse with a less effective one.

Thanks for your very clear explanation, it totally make sense to me now ! I will start to pay attention to all of this.

Cheers mate and keep it up, you are doing an excellent job and the FM community should be grateful ;)
ZaZ said: By the end of a season, the two main factors for a team to perform badly are fatigue (which is different from condition, you can see it at medical centre) and psychology. Players from small teams usually get nervous when they are overachieving, so you need to relieve their pressure before the matches. On the other hand, teams usually get complacent against weaker opponents, so you need to challenge them when they get complacent. In other words, you need to check the players body language and understand if they are cracking under pressure or getting complacent, then give the right pep talk to get them back in shape.

I understand what you mean but there is no sign of this i swear, everybody is happy and motivated, they react very well to my talks, i don't give them any opportunity to complain but don't know why... might be kind of a sufficiency feeling about the tactic. Is the tactic supposed to work indefinitely I mean in long term without any tweak season after season ?
Hi guys ! I am playing with Leeds, finished 3rd first season and about to finish 2nd this time. I know these are good results but I was wondering why my players are always struggling at the end of the season... I was 1st the from GW5 to 30 and now I am struggling a lot even against weak teams.

I pay a lot of attention to their fatigue, injuries. The atmosphere is good, the team spirit as well... I mean everything looks fine but don't know why I am struggling...
Hi guys,

Can someone tell me a bit more about inverted wing back ? I don't know what kind of players i should look for..

Btw, I look forward testing it with small teams so no top players.

Thanks mate, you rock !
I meant season stats, goals and assists of your players.
What about wingers instead of DW? Will it compromise the balance and mentality of the tactic ?

Thanks for sharing and nice job! Could you just show the players stats ?

Thanks mate!

Absolutely no reason to find out which one is the best by comparing these two. They are in my opinion the same.

If you can allow yourself to play with DW and dont considere having sancho as a DW a waste, then go with this one.

It is more a matter of taste.
Magician said: Hi,

Here are stats from my Atletico Madrid save

Thanks mate ! Exactly what I thought, DM is underrated..
Hi guys !

Can you show your players' season stats please ?
The amount of goals scored is really nice but i want to know if it works the same way for everybody.

My wingers are not really effective.

I play with barcelona and i can't get the best of Frenkie de Jong as a DLP.. He is under 7 average..