how does the individual training work?
Pip said: Not sure if this is the right place or useful to anyone but I have player search views based on ykykyk05251 attributes percentages, with most important on the left. Hope its helpful...

they come in the filter folder because nothing is displayed for me when I insert them

or how do i use it
Is there a big difference between this tactic and ZaZ's

And do you always need the players with the best attributes for the tactics or can you be successful with less good players
Rince said: First of all, I look at their CA ( Current Ability ) and then I choose from the highest CA players.

Let's say there're 160CA, 155CA, 150CA and 110CA players available to you for a transfer so I would only choose from the 160CA, 155CA, 150CA players and I would ignore the 110CA players.

Speaking other words, you should always want to get the highest CA player but who also matches the important attributes that I posted above.

how do i get Current Ability out
Can I use every player for tactics or does it have to be special players with good attributes
this tactic is also successful if the players do not have the best attributes, for example a team from the lowest league

because I like to play so I don't look so much at the attributes of the players and sometimes buy players who can't play the role that well because I would like to have the player on the team
ta2199 said:

is that the download link?  do not understand anything :D
@ta2199 on which page is the skin
Which tactic is now the better V3 or the AP/DM?

can't decide which one to play :D
tests have already been made with the new version ?