by infxamus, Mar 18, 2021
Tactic Name Author Patch Status Result
Bossanova infxamus FM21 Patch 21.4.0 TESTED 6.6 GO TO THE TABLE

Made a tactic called Bossanova, its a 4-1-2-1-2 and it did really well with Man United while holidaying the whole season can you test it?

Finished in a Champions League place with Fulham as well.

Bossanova v3.fmf
Downloaded : 624 times
Uploaded : Mar 21, 2021
Downloaded : 120 times
Uploaded : Mar 18, 2021
Edited Mar 21, 2021 by infxamus

Added v2

- Added @Prutton set pieces, imo they're the best ones out rn
- Removed Tight Marking and Tackle harder on AFs, Wingers and CMs

Results with Man U:

Edited Mar 19, 2021 by infxamus

Added the new V3 version, it scores more and concedes less, here are the results I got with Man U


another test done, fulham didnt do quite as well as your pictures but still solid for the underdog

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