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May 14, 2024
Not Tested Yet

I'm a console player. I had to load an empty fmf file to be able to make this post. Apologies.

An asymmetric 4-1-4-1 which focuses play down one flank to create overloads via the opposite wingback.

It has a left and right isomer; use whichever fits your squad best.

Player instructions:
Every player has the tackle harder instruction
These 6 have more detailed instructions:
The Ball Playing Defender : dribble more

The Full Back : dribble less, sit narrower

The Complete Wing Back : Fewer risks, cross more, dribble more, shoot more

The Deep lying Playmaker: stay wider

The Central Midfielder: Roam, move into channels
Also, this position is instructed to swap positions with the LCM position

And finally, the Attacking Midfielder: Run wide with ball, Hold up ball

Here's the details of my last season, in which I used the primary formation (right wingback) 43 out of 50 matches (85%)

League table:

Player selection info:


I do have one artificial player on my team. This campaign let me create a son...he's an absolute worldie and can play almost any position, so a bit of a cheat.

Enjoy :)

I don't think I'll be getting FM 24, at least not any time soon. So, should anyone take sufficient liking to this set up that they want to try a season out in FM24 and upload it themselves, please feel free so this might be considered for a proper testing.

I'd love to see how it does.

Thank you.


P.S. I play on PS5 and so don't have access to a tactic file. I got no response on the forum when I asked about this problem. So, in order to be able to finally make this submission I grabbed a random file from another thread and deleted its contents.

So please disregard the file, it's empty.

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