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Jun 30, 2021
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Test #1
Date: 30.06.2021
Test #2
Date: 30.06.2021
Test #3
Date: 30.06.2021
Test #4
Date: 30.06.2021
Test #5
Date: 30.06.2021
Test #6
Date: 30.06.2021

The formation is 4-1-2-3-0 and there is no Central Midfielder. In an attacking situation, the IWB becomes Midfielder and the DW is on the same line as SS, forming a 2-3-5 formation.

Build up
The forward dribbling of the BPB creates a numerical advantage on one side. The free-moving AM also comes down to the empty midfield to help build up.

The main attack route is the penetration of SS and AM. To creat a freeman, The three Attacking Midfielders overload the two CD. Cutback is induced through DW penetration or a switching play between DW and IBW.

Five attackers take the ball with strong forward pressure. If they can't get the ball, a large space is exposed because there is no midfielder in the midfield. If the three saws make the wrong man markings, there is a space in the midfield easily. (Because there is no Central Midfielder.) Even if the high pressure fails, it is possible to respond appropriately because there are 4 Defenders and 1 DLP.

Why there is no central midfielder
If you have 1 goalkeeper, 2 wingers and 4 defenders, you must form a center of 4 players. (You need a third-line winger and a defender to protect the side.)
If one defensive midfielder is assigned to suppress the opponent's attack, there are three remaining players.
The reason for three attacking midfielders is that it is appropriate to overwork the central defender and collapse the defensive line when attacking, and the forward pressure of the three players is stronger than the forward pressure of the two players.
Also, in the case of an attack, the central midfielder did not place a central midfielder as a free-roll central attacking midfielder would help.

test please. thank you.


test please~~~ MP v.1


MP v.2

DLP(su) ---> DM(su)

The attack become stronger.

Removed the playmaker roll to use counterattack effectively.

Significant increase in goals per game and expected goals per game

-Expected goals per game : 2.76 --> 3.03 (0.27 up)
-Goals per game : 2.15 --> 2.55          (0.4  up)

Although conceded per game increased slightly, the expected goals against per game decreased slightly.

-Conceded per game : 0.68 -->0.74  (0.6 up)
-expected goals against per game : 0.68 --> 0.64 (0.4 down)

Test please~~~


do you have any training advices for this tactic?


I love this tactic!  Great work mate


I have tried many tactics in FM21, I think this one the most stable. Really enjoyed

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