How to hire the best players?

by Prutton, 16 days ago

This question pops up here every other week, so I decided to make a topic for people to share how they do it.

These are my ten steps to hire a player:
1. Go to player search and make sure transfer interest box is marked.
2. Add a filter for position, age, nationality and key attributes, then set it to the desired values.
--- For example: accomplished ML, under 23 years old, UK and Irish region, Acceleration 14+, Pace 14+, Agility 12+, Dribbling 12+.
3. If too many players appear, increase the key attributes.
4. Change the view to show key attributes (set it to physical attributes or add new columns).
5. Sort the table by a key attribute, usually Acceleration or Pace.
6. Check players individually. If they are acceptable, right click and ask agent for availability.
7. If cost is ok, ask for a scout report to reveal a bit and maybe see some hidden attributes.
8. Add good players to a shortlist and ask for a trial or to scout for one more week.
9. Make offer for the best players for the desired position.
10. Stall signings until all players reach an agreement, then choose the best and cancel all others.

Please, make sure to also share your methods so we can compare and get some good hints.

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