Mongoose 41212 V1 - Salah scored 80 goals!!!!

by CBP87, Nov 20, 2021


I would like to share a tactic that I've been working on a for a few weeks, tweaking here there and everywhere. I wanted to replicate the Mongoose shape from FM21, a 41212. I feel I'm at a point with it now where I can share the results and tactic with you.

As always I tested with numerous teams, Liverpool, Villa, PSG and Swansea. I leave training and team selection to AM and holiday until the end of the season. 1st transfer window disabled and Director of football was in charge of transfers.

Below are the results from holiday testing.

Quite a strong season with Villa, predicted 8th but finished 4th resulting in champions league qualification. Danny Ings top scored with 27 goals.

Liverpool predicted 2nd, won the league along with the champions league and Carabao Cup, losing the FA Cup in the final. Mo Salah top scored with 80 goals!! Yes 80!!!

PSG predicted 1st, finished 1st. Undefeated in the league. Won everything that PSG took part in. Mbappe top scored with 57 goals

Swansea are predicted 10th, won the championship, admittedly not as comfortable as I would've wanted but a wins a win. Obafemi top scored with 35 goals


I've also been using it on my Salzburg to Leipzig save and I won the the treble in my first season, knocked out of CL but had the group of death with PSG, Man City and Milan, but still managed to finish 3rd securing me a Europa League place, I then went on to win the Europa League. My players won quite a few accolades over the season, Wober won best player in Euro Cup and best Austrian player. Adeyami was injured for quite a few months but still managed to finish top scorer. (Sesko and Simic are beasts by the way).


I've made a tweak to original, as daft as it might sound I wanted to tighten it up a bit more at the back, so I went with an attacking mentality, added tackle harder to the fullbacks and DLP. I've only tested with PSG for now but when comparing the stats on the few runs I did, the defence is is conceding less whilst scoring has become more clinical, less shots but more goals

I will test this version with the other teams I use for testing and will post the results when done


Sounds interesting ... would it then be advised to use the Positive mentality tactic on away/hard games? Playing with an underdog ;)


LaXatiif said: Sounds interesting ... would it then be advised to use the Positive mentality tactic on away/hard games? Playing with an underdog ;)

I've had more success with just sticking with the attacking version to be honest. Don't get me wrong, I've lost games but I don't think changing the mentality from attacking to positive will change the outcome of the game. I've also beaten some big teams away from home, the Villa test, I beat Liverpool and Chelsea away from home and drew with Man United and City away too


Tweaked this tactic once again (Sorry). Took some inspiration from some of the tactics that sit at the top of the table.

I have increased mentality to very attacking
DW > W on attack duty
with the additional attacking duties the fluidity is not structured
removed work ball into box and force opp outside

As always holiday tested the tweaks, AM in charge of team selection and training. NO EDITORS USED!


Fulham are predicted 1st and we finished 1st, won the league quite comfortably, scored the most goals  with 139 goals and conceding less than 1 per game.


Villa predicted 8th, finished 3rd on 81 points scoring 120 goals in the league, bookings were also quite high particular for both FBs who got 14 yellows each. Some of the results achieved were astonishing, beat Chelsea 6 - 0, United and Liverpool 5 - 1 (Although away from home, they had our pants down) but hopefully you'll be able to see some of the brilliant results in the screenshots


PSG predicted 1st, won the treble, narrowly missing out on the CL. 174 goals scored in the league with only 26 conceded. Some crazy results again and on a few occasions came close to double figures in a league game.

Overall, I think this is a very good tactic which will get you lots of goals, you will lose the possession battle as tactic is setup to get the ball up top as quickly as possible


I uploaded the wrong tactic for VA, I have amended it to the right tactic


Seeing as it looks like positive mentality is becoming strong again, I've tweaked Mongoose from FM21. As always, holiday tested with AM in charge of general training and team selection. NO EDITORS USED

Main tweaks -

IWB to attacking duty
Removed work ball into box

smaller tweaks are more around PIs

Villa finished 3rd

PSG won everything, look at those player ratings :love:


CBP87 said:

Is that Chinese - Custom Tactical Style ? :D


No comment :)


CBP87 said: No comment :)

is there something we don't know about you, Mr. Jackie Chan?


Chewbacca said: is there something we don't know about you, Mr. Jackie Chan?


Mongoose Rejuvenated with Celta Vigo, predicted 10th, finished 2nd. Have to be honest though, La Liga is a strange old league this year, seems like all the big guns are underperforming (points wise)


@RDF Tactics has done a tactical review video on Mongoose Rejuvenated. Thanks pal



I've been asked a few times on numerous discord servers if I can create a SUS version of Mongoose or one with less intensity to help maintain stamina towards the end of a game.

I think I've managed to create one which hopefully ticks the boxes. I bring you Tamed Mongoose. It is no where near as aggressive as previous versions with both Villa and PSG being relatively quiet with the cards. The intensity has been reduced  some what, I'd say around 35% - 40% less than rejuvenated

Changes -
Added work ball into box for a more patient approach
removed counter
reduced line of engagement to higher
removed tackle harder from most roles apart from DW as they're pre set
added waste time sometimes

As always I tested the tactic with Villa and PSG. Assistant manager in charge of team selection and general training. Individual training left to playing position. NO EDITORS USED.

Villa predicted 10th, finished 3rd with 82 points, I believe this might be my highest points tally with Villa (I maybe wrong though)

PSG predicted 1st, won everything with Mbappe scoring 62 goals in all comps. 154 league goals scored with only 24 conceded.




what would happen if the AMC was changed to a SS - would it make performance worse?


nijak05 said: what would happen if the AMC was changed to a SS - would it make performance worse?

it shouldn't do

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