Smokescreen V1 by Egraam

by Egraam, Sep 25, 2020
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Smokescreen V1 by Egraam
Author: Egraam
Local Tests Info. 5.4Patch 20.4.4

This is a tactic that I made with Raumdeuter, Wide Playmaker and Trequartista - fairly uncommon roles. The results have been pretty good and consistent (holiday mode tests, no transfers) I would appreciate it if you could test it.

Smokescreen V1 by Egraam.fmf
Downloaded : 187 times
Uploaded : Sep 25, 2020

@Egraam Hi, did you use any OIs or set the set pices taker?


@Bogeyman  No Ois used, I didn't set set piece takers for tests, but left winger taking left corner and right winger taking right tends to work best for this corner setup.


Ok, thanks.

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