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BJT – 4114.Destruktor - 20.4

by BJT, 12 days ago

BJT – 4114.Destruktor - 20.4

Hi, hoping you could please test this brand new one for me. In a game I have going in France, in an attempt to score more goals with a good team now built that I hope can give PSG a run for their money, the players are currently suited my 442 inverted wingers Invincibles tactic.

However still lacking in talent both at the back and going forward, with more goals needed to win enough games in France, I have tried to further enhance a more gungho approach but remaining as solid as possible by way of asymmetry.

This as a result now has turned into a gegenpressing 4114 iw formation, with an attempt to promote a slightly greater degree of stability in defence whilst having a number of options going forward, both breaking at speed whilst maintaining the ability to play fluid football and create overlaps regularly in the opposing third.


LB/WBL: show onto left foot
RB/WBR: show onto right foot

ML/AML: show onto left foot
MR/AMR: show onto right foot

SC: show onto weaker foot

Test Results

My tests ran with Liverpool was successful winning all trophies and securing 103 points. We also comfortably got promoted with Chester in the Vanerama North controlling things throughout the year from match 4 onwards.

It’s a system very out of the ordinary for me and a couple of times it’s had over 60 shots at goal which is a decent number, so I’m hoping you could please give this one a quick run.


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