BJT – 41212.Elegance-20.4

by BJT, Oct 30, 2020

BJT – 41212.Elegance-20.4

Hi, could you please also give this one a run for me?

I released a 442 diamond quite a while back now which utilised the attacking mentality and so naturally was a little more direct in its approach. (WOM version).

This time round I wanted to re-design this to go with a much more controlled and intelligent way of playing this diamond, and be more aesthetically pleasing in the process. So this version is a much more Italian styled tempo game, with shorter passing and lower tempo on the positive mentality that will look to stretch the opposition.

It will require highly technical players, and even more so in this version. Instead of the Regista pulling the strings – there's now two em them in the middle as you can add the Trequartista here into the mix. It also throws in the poacher in Pippo Inzaghi.

So you will really need some elegant players to fill the DMC and AMC positions in this tactic, and to utilise the pass into space option effectively, a Regista with great passing accuracy, vision, and a keenness to play killer through balls from deep to find either strikers breaking the offside trap, or the Trequartisa drifting into open spaces.

It’s a tactic all about the style and therefore not really designed for the lower sides so I haven't yet tested it at a lower level, but would like to see how consistent this version will be compared to the other and how possession will compare.


LB/WBL: show onto left foot
RB/WBR: show onto right foot

ML/AML: show onto left foot
MR/AMR: show onto right foot

SC: show onto weaker foot

Test Results

This positive system just fell short of 100 goals in the league, but it was able to complete the quad with my Liverpool side which in the English style of football with many teams utilising pace down the flanks to exploit the diamond wing-back system I don't think is too bad.

Thanks Again

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