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Nov 3, 2020
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Test #1
Date: 03.11.2020
Test #2
Date: 03.11.2020
Test #3
Date: 03.11.2020

I've been testing some tactics and running them through one year worth of holidays with Liverpool in FM2020. This was a very successful one, as I always was enamoured with the idea of getting a working 3 defender tactic.

- Won Premier League (95pts, 112 goals for and 21 against, that's 2.94 gfpm and 0.55 gapm).
- Tactic with +86 Chances For/Against
- Won or was Finalist of every competition I participated in.

The idea is to have 2 stages of building play: from the central defenders (hence the Libero) and from behind the attackers (hence the Enganche).
The libero will hopefully make use of the wide defensive wingers to open up spaces.
The enganche will hopefully make use of incoming Volantes while also delivering last moment key passes to the Pressing Forwards.

The Segundo Volantes, being DM, offer additional support while defending, as do the Defensive Wingers. But both roles also offer a lot of offensive power. It's a very dynamic midfield whose only weakness is likely being caught offguard in transition.


Tactics with only 3 defenders are rare to meet these days :)

It'll be interesting to see the result of the test.


Rince said: Tactics with only 3 defenders are rare to meet these days :)

They are not popular because they are very weak when it comes to the defense.


Decided to make an extra test with my club, SL Benfica. Domination in Portugal was expected and achieved, although the team has very few players adapted for the positions, namely Volante, Liberos and Defensive Wingers. Still, got respectable results and will next try with a mid-table Spain,England or Italy team.

- Champion with 84 points (out of 102); 66 goals for (1.94 p/game); 11 goals against (0.32 p/game)
- Reached Semi Final in Champions League, losing to Real Madrid.

I think the Chances For/Against ratio speaks volumes (+14) with chances against every 70mins which probably argues for Sandro's point that it is still defensively weak.

Look forward to see how they fare on the Test though :)


hugohrosa said: Look forward to see how they fare on the Test though :)

The attack is good but the defense is a bit weak...


Thanks for the update :) look forward to submitting a better one :D

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