BJT - 4114 - Con.Fusion (Underdog tweak)

by BJT, Nov 30, 2020


Thank you v much for testing my original version of my system. After taking the results into account, I have decided to see whether I can improve this for underdog sides.

Instead of a VOL on attack, I have changed this to support duty. This has now become a very fluid system, but should be more defensively sound to grind out results - in theory. My offense is still very varied, so I'm hoping it will still have enough going forward.

My original tactic also gave me a Pool quintet with 100 points - this more pragmatic version gave it 96 points with a quintet too - but the Championship result with Watford gave a huge points total, so I think this may be a more stable system.

If you could please also give this one a run that would be brilliant.


Downloaded : 68 times
Uploaded : Nov 30, 2020

Thanks for the test on this - this is what i was kinda hoping & expecting to see, and i'd say it indicates this is a very good testing system you have in place.