Croque Monsieur

by fabix99, Feb 26, 2021
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Croque Monsieur fabix99 FM21 Patch 21.3.0 TESTED 5.6 GO TO THE TABLE

Hello everyone,

With the new update, I have been working on pretty balanced 433, allowing me to score a nice amount of goals, and conceding not too much ;)

I have made a Youtube Video to show more detailed results and some goals in a few games, feel free to have a look :)

Here are some screenshots of the tactic!

I have tested it with 3 teams:
- Real Madrid, winning everything but the Champions League

- Wolves, finished 5th, but just one point away from a Champions League spot, and winning the Carabao Cup

- Montpellier, expected 8th according to FM, with who we were close to win the league, finishing second behind the overpowered PSG

If you have any comment on the tactic, let me know, it could be great to find ways to improve it ;)

Croque Monsieur.fmf
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Hi, @fabix99

Please, add screenshots of the tactic.



Zippo said: Hi, @fabix99

Please, add screenshots of the tactic.


Done ;)

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