DopePhenom V8

by magicnut, Feb 28, 2021
Tactic Name Author Patch Status Result
DopePhenom V8 magicnut FM21 Patch 21.4.0 TESTED 5.0 GO TO THE TABLE
DopePhenom V8 magicnut FM21 Patch 21.3.0 TESTED 4.7 GO TO THE TABLE

Hello I have been cooking up a new tactic to test .
It is a 5-2-1-2 system a bit inspired by Vujevic use of liberos but all roles and instructions my own from scratch including setpieces.
I only gave it a brief run so far but with extremely promising results.
Here is the formation and results , please test if possible.

`DopePhenom V8`.fmf
Downloaded : 59 times
Uploaded : Feb 28, 2021

I think I need to do a lot of tweaks to get this tactic dandier it is rather Ass at the moment.
I think I need to get rid of the libero and add ballplaying defender Cover instead.
also advanced playmaker to AMC since I think that would at least marginally at some defensive duties to him even in attack role.


Testing up the tweaked up version .
It is showing some good promise.
I have fair confidence the new version would cook up at least a 5 rating if tested but I need to polish it first.

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