- Variation of original tactic where everyone is instructed to shoot more (DWs, IWBs, AFs, PFs)
- Also + team instruction "Shoot on sight"
Nukool51 said: On PF should be striker or aml amr amc any player recommend?

PF is a striker position, just put a strikers there.
klokan said: hey, do you think it's worth adding the "work ball into box" instruction? Sometimes i have like, 22 shots and only 2-3 of them on target. It usually happens when i play as a favourite, for example coty vs bournemouth.

I don't think it affects anything:
- Pressure cooker variation with Mezzala instead of PF
FloeDK said: Hi,

Awesome tactic!

Is it possible to find shortlist for players suiting this tactic, struggling to find players for lower league team i Englang. Especially with the brexit rules. I mean filters that can be used to see important attributes for each position.

Also how will you define the difference between who to pick  for the AF and the others?

Thanks for the great work!

Best Regards

Don't worry about attributes, just find players that are natural in the role and you're good. Also, if you have a player that's AML, but that's only good at ML, you just train them as ML and put them in ML position in-game, and they'll be good at it in few months
Trying to improve:

- different offensive setup
- Trying combos with 3 defenders so I have more attacking options
- Hard to be good defensively so I put LWB to Defend, and make a right side more attacking-minded
ocarty said: Lovely tactic, great work.

Tbh I get a bit "desperate", because such a formation is broken in FM.
I don't know any successfully team in the world, playing with such a formation.

Using three real classic "9"?
Apart from that, there are not many known defensive wingers in a 4-*-* tactic.

Nevertheless great work!

I know, it's how the game works unfortunately
Antal said: hi bro, 10 games, 9 wins. What about leg priority for pressing forwards?

I don't think it makes a difference
Haha thanks. TBH I have the same setup before running vacation, so I usually can tell if tactic is worth anything by first ten games. I ran hundreds of tactics that I never posted because I can already tell they're not great. So in the end it seems I'm getting good scores usually, but the truth is I only post when something feels really good and I'm still wrong most of the times :)
- More offensive variation of Pressure Cooker
- AM (Hold position + Move into channels) instead of DM
I've also noticed that asymmetric strikers work much better, because the defenders don't adapt to that, so with this they overload one side of the defence.

Also, good job - I think asymmetric tactics are where the progress is still possible.
Maco80 said: Sorry mate what defencesive line do you play low standard or high

If you don't see an instruction on the left side it's always left to default, so in this case - standard defensive line
I doubt it. Initial tests were higher, but reduced to same as AF AF AF setup after more testing
- Started from top tactic
- Moved one striker to midfield as Mezzala
- Basically trying to compensate all over the place
pixar said: I tried anything similar to this. (I used RM close to this lineup)
I didn't feel it was very useful.

I think so as well, I just used much higher defensive line here and tried to add extra pressure to wings, but also have players that move into channels. Sometimes I just post tactic to get a score and better feel of how some things reflect on tests.
- Reumdeuters have Move into Channels which I like
- Trying to see how much offense I lose compared to Pressure Cooker
Maco80 said: Could you put up screen shot for player instructions please

No additional instructions on PFs

thanks for the credits, but if I'm not mistaken @Blau originally came up with this tactic, except 3 strikers ( I just tweaked it around and in the end got the same score after 5k matches test as previous version with three AFs.

After testing tactics for so long I already know some things that are not gonna work. And for the life of me, I can't think the better tactic than the current top one. That's why I've been trying some asymmetrical ones lately, but they still can't compete.

I feel the most important thing is to be very good defensively but also have decent amount of options on attack. If you want to be more nerdy about it, you can read my analysis here:

I just feel that some of the crucial aspects of good tactic in latest patch are these:
- 4 defenders is almost a must - I could never have a good defense with three defenders - WCB just don't cover wings as well as WBs/IWBs
- 2 DMs are very good at defense, but 1DM with 2 DWs compensate enough for the lack of one DM, and provide much better offense
- 3 strikers is almost a must

Unless someone comes up with a very original formation, I don't see the current formation be beaten. I'm talking strictly about formation, not better instructions on the same one.

I'm not trying to discourage anyone from trying some other formations by any means, I'm just stating what I've seen from testing so much + observing the match engine.

I'm actually happy that it's becoming very challenging to make a breakthrough - have fun! :)
- Trying some asymmetrical tactics like this one: