I have just finished my first season with southampton. thank zaz
Hey zaz, great work and good luck. are water 4.2 and water 5.1 are the same tactics?
so far so good, thanks mate
just smashed man c
well done great work
good luck mate
Ty for doing this.
take your time mate. thanks for sharing.
Poacher said: OMG... I've found it finally :D

thanks mate
ok, how do i change it? i mean if i dont want my strikers to switch. can we do it?
ntr master said: Cuz u did change a striker position's player, striker to if right?!

no i have not.
I had a game were the IF switch position with my STCL
Bogeyman said: that's really weird because they should not

lol it just happen again, i plau haaland as my STCL and now he is STCR. i know its weird
hey guys, does your strikers switch sides? I mean my STCR, sometimes move to the STCL position
hey zaz, does it matter who take the corners? btw my has score 13 goals from coreners in 20 leaegue game
so far in the league
Thanks zaz, thanks for sharing
hey zaz, thanks for the tactic. are you using the same training like in fm22? thanks mate
Thanks zaz, thanks for another masterpiece.