Based on 424 Frog Whirl

Width set to Wide
@Zippo @Droid these last tests were added in the attributes test list, instead of the regular tactics test list


take a look
I'm actually a football fitness coach/sports scientist, that's what looks like in terms of trainning intensity in real life, lol
Not saying that works in the  game, just spreading the roleplay haha
Delicious said: :blink: very useful i guess

ZaZ said: Most PIs people use are already covered by "Run At Defense" and "Get Stuck In".

which of these wont count then?
:woot:, all PIs are cleaned?
Based on Magic box 2

Trap inside removed
ZaZ said: The shape is irrelevant. We did run the same setup in both neutral and home grounds, so we could use neutral results for control. Below is a table showing rate of win, draw, lose, points per match, goals per match, and difference in points. You can clearly see that the tactics are evenly matched at neutral grounds, and the team playing at home always have the advantage. However, the defensive tactic is detrimental to performance when playing away from home.

So is the FM Arena RNG in a multiverse! :woot: Afterwall, both tactic "are" 58 points !
Delicious said: Interesting, for me there is something you guys should've considered :

When you compare 2 tactics, setup etc, i would even consider if 4222N counter 3421, like the results where altered because 4222 counter 3421 instance first of all.

Just trying to give you some thoughts to think about.

Hope it can helps for future projects!

Yeah, this was the first thing that should've be considered... but 4222 probably beating any tactic this year
dzek said: But we could have seen tactics with an "Attacking" mentality concede fewer goals than other "Balanced" tactics.
After some testing of my own, I have found what is the best mentality in order:
(in terms of PPG)

1. Attacking
2. Positive
3. Very Attacking
4. Balanced
5. Defensive
6. Cautious
7. Very Defensive

I meant by actually playing the game. I found out that balanced is way superior and attacking is situational. But this is just my opinion, of course.
ZaZ said: Keep in mind that our concept of "defensive tactic" was not based on mentality, but goals conceded in FM-Arena table. We picked the highest goal scoring and goal conceded tactics in the top 10 (which changed after we started testing, but it doesn't matter much for the results).

I am aware that we can build a defensive tactic with "Very Attacking" mentality for instance. Mentality is a complex matter. But u can easily see on the less conceded tactics that balanced is dominant. Indeed, the best "GD" tactic is on balanced. The question that remains is the same from the video.
Based on 424 deformation AM4

Step up removed
Based on 424 deformation AM4

AM (A) -> SS
How to proper beat city away:
Definitelly something to think about. But when actually playing games, mainly if u r a underdog team, balanced mentality seems way superior than attacking.
Based on fm24 italian ko step up more

mentality adjusted to attacking
Based on 424 deformation II

Mentality set to balanced
Based on 4222 golden mean II

Mentality set to balanced
Based on 424 deformation II

Changed to balanced
SS -> AM (A)

Just managed to bring Rotherham to PL with that one
Based on 424 QuadroWave X-4

CM (S) -> DLP (S)