Hello people, is this tactics causes more red card because of the updates. I was not playing fm21 for 3 months and i opened my old save. 3 matches 3 red cards. have a great Sunday.
Magician said: You can just change the mentality to Very Attacking.

it seems like you add more direct passing to very attacking tactic. Thats why i wanted to ask. i will only change the mentality.
@Magician If I draw or lose with Phoenix v5.0 tactic after the 1st half then should change the mentality to "Very Attacking" at the beginning of the 2nd half or should i use very attacking tactic that you made?
Do you have a reliable article or a good video about personality? Which ones are good? I read different sources but they all say different things.
Hey people, do hidden attributes develop? Like Ambition, Pressure, Sportsmanship, Professionalism and Loyalty
Which positon do you delete when there is a red card?
And why does game reload the tactic when there is a red card?
hey, do you have any advice position's favourite foot?
Like this is better?
DCL Left Foot
DCR Right Foot
AMCR Left Foot
AMCL Right Foot
Obviously said: what exactly?

undeservedly losing is apart of football, you cant expect to win every game.

plus, i bet if you reloaded the match again you would win.

I should reload a lot
Is that normal?
Why does my player worth so little versus AI players? Lets hear your advices for buy players with less cost, also sell players with more money.
I think this tactic perform better than ZaZ in real world because winger does not good as a defensive winger in realistic attributes.
Bravo @ZaZ #1
Egraam said: In regards to percentage ratings in Genie I'd say it would be good to edit them a bit if you are planning to use them.

Go to Menu -> Rating -> Edit player rating and load this one (bottom right corner, click on rating) - It increases importance of pace and acceleration for all positions, adds a bit professionalism, determination and consistency to rating calculations, and lowers the ratings of player based on their injury proneness (also changes a little ratings for other positions, for example I've increased composure by a little for strikers and lowered first touch, but these are really small changes, based on how I view the game, you can tweak it to your own liking).

This sounds amazing, I will try.

Magician said: If you use a custom skin then it might be what causes the issue.

For the General Training I use 'Training Style - Balanced' and for the Individual Training I use different additional focuses and different Position/Role/Duty/ training depending on the situation, I try to follow this table -

Those ratings are completely useless... I suggest ignoring them.

Some defenders have a good pace and acceleration but they don't have marking and defending skills, there must be a balance between every attributes.
kvasir said: Using Genie. Looking for SS with a potential rating of a certain % (depends who are you managing) and potential acceleration of at least 17. While I was managing my local team from Romanian League I was searching for a SS with a potential rating of at least 70% but 17-18 acceleration. Now that I am managing AC Milan, I look for SS that have at least 90% rating and 16-17 acceleration.

For other positions?
Are there anyone uses FMRTE or Genie Scout with this tactic? Can u give me some advice? Pace, acceleration important but some slow people have Bette ratings. It is very complicated this Year.
ZaZ said: Try getting one of the top tactics from here and moving one or two SS to striker position. It won't be as good as the original, but probably better than most other tactics with strikers.

When will they test your 2.2 tactics?
I see this on another website. I not the owner. But ca u test it? Looking for good tactic with strikers.
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Is there anybody use Genie Scout with Phoenix, Zaz, Afterlife?

How do you use it? Do you have filters?

And which one is important? Positional ratings or current abiilty or role ratings?

I use tactic in lower leagues Genie Scout shows older player's positional ratings so high. But they are old and they have very bad phsical attributes. So they perform badly. Should I use current ability for lower leagues when I search for a player?
Zippo said: Pal, feel free to post whatever you want. Even a small tweak could be very useful for someone.

Of course, it should not be expected that we'll test every tactic posted and every small tweak posted but you know people still can use tactics that haven't been tested. :)

You should tast the Afterlife V2.0 :) everybody is so excited about it :)
Looks promising!! Well done