Blau said: Sorry, I am new to FM arena. This is a quick 1 year holiday at Liverpool with my tactic.

I suggest adding this result to the 1st post
@Blau, look at this:

Zippo said: Hi,

Please, provide results from a normal game save. Any custom leagues result doesn't count.

Thank you.
pixar said: I published a version that I thought was better, with some minor changes to the instructions and roles. 433 & Zero

Look at this - https://fm-arena.com/thread/2733-how-fm-arena-picks-tactics-for-the-testing/
crizeKOS said: I tweaked some stuff on this tactic, wanna check if there ll be any improvements.

What stuff did you tweak?
@A Smile, what is the difference between the tactics?
crizeKOS said: Ty, that's what happend. After that kind of reactions I will, for sure. I wasnt expecting so much drama.

it's been a very sensitive matter recently, that's why everyone is so nervous... if you know what I mean :D
crizeKOS said: I want a moderador to check this out, I simply made an observation and this guy is attacking me out of nowwhere? @Droid

I'm not a moderator. :)

Regarding the situation I think that was some kind of misunderstanding, I guess you didn't want to offend anyone when making your 'observation' but I suggest you to be a bit more polite when next time you do that because it looked like you accused him in something.
Lsully95 said: I did attempt that but I kept getting this error when trying to start the game, I could close it and play but it'd only run for a few weeks then crash.

The editor seems to be happy with the changes at the time, passing the verification/tests.

But that is reassuring that deleting all the competitions can be done, when the sim ran for a few weeks before crashing, it was blazing fast!

Any idea how to correct the error?


that's a known issue - https://community.sigames.com/forums/topic/569538-warning-rule-group-has-empty-discipline-rules/#comment-13797873

I hope SI will fix it soon
I wonder can we get close to 60 or 70 points this year FM :D
kjordafen said: Great work, very interesting results! Thank you so much for the hard work.

How does the RNG play out according to the points in the testing table? According to this post, there are a lot of RNG involved in testing for 640 matches (as tactic table). Right now, the nr. 1 tactic on the table and the nr. 10 tactic are 5 point apart. If we include RNG in the testing, all of the top 10 tactics might actually be the best? But we cannot know for certain before we test more games?

Am I onto somehting here, or does this not make sence?

I guess it'll be like it was in FM22, at some point later they we'll give the top tested tactics additional testing rounds to reach 3,000 matches

ZaZ said: You are correct, they are the same. I just named 1.0 because we are leaving beta next week.

ZaZ, do you think there'll be M.E. changes with the game released?
I've tried Shock 0.3 and Acid 0.3 tactics with a mid-table club - Leeds

Leeds - Acid 0.3 result

Leeds - Shock 0.3 result