chef said: Should be 433 in the title, dont know if I can fix

@DazzieK, please, carefully read the requirements - https://fm-arena.com/thread/2733-how-to-get-your-tactic-tested/

It clearly says that GF and GA stats should be visible on the league table.
TommyToxic said: You are not following my logic. I'm writing about reasons for writing a description, you are writing about reasons for testing. The two are different obviously, as small changes can have an impact on the results. I respect the rules so I've added what I wrote earlier to the description as you requested. Having tactics tested is a great service so I don't mean to be disrespectful.

Just to be clear here, if you read this - https://fm-arena.com/thread/2733-how-to-get-your-tactic-tested/

then you learn that the decision about whether to test a tactic or not is based on the tactic representation which must consist of a description and screenshots to backup your tactic.

When you put "." or "description" or "oohhh there's nothing to say" as the description then it looks quite disrespectful and in this case don't be surprised to see your tactics being ignored.

Of course, it's up to you to decide what to do... I'm just saying...
TommyToxic said: Because tbf most of the tactics posted here are just the same tactic with a few tweaks so it just seems superfluous to write anything unless you create something very different from whats already here.

If follow your logic then there's also no point in testing a tactic until it offers something very different from whats already here.

If you don't believe your tactic brings anything new and you don't believe it's capable of moving the progress forward then what's the point in offering it for the testing? :blink:
TommyToxic said: Not much to say, more or less the same instructions as everyone else has, just with attacking mentality double AP and WCB

Then please put that in the description.

Or if there's nothing special in your tactic then what is the point in testing it? :)
TommyToxic said: Description

I don't find any? :)
marbola said: thx
my bad

already add player stat

Please, read carefully the link I gave you. It says the league table should contain such stats as GF and GA.
@DawidFM, it requires playing at least 1 full season with a tactic - https://fm-arena.com/thread/2733-how-to-get-your-tactic-tested/
@A Smile, the name... again :( it must be any human readable word
@A Smile, Again the same story here. The name of the tactic isn't Ok. Please, change it. - https://fm-arena.com/find-comment/20695/
SAHIPKIRAN said: My mistake, I couldn't fix it by editing, this is what happens when I post more than 2 tactics a day. Here is the original tactic, I hope you have fun playing it.

Try now to edit the opening post.
@SAHIPKIRAN, you forgot to add a screenshot of the tactic.
A Smile said: I see, I will be more standardized.

Btw, there's no need in creating a new thread, you can just edit the name of this thread.
A Smile said: Is there a problem with the name of the tactic?

Tactic names like "HG-41131THS", "4-4-1-1", "4-4-2 HYREG", "JHT 4-3-2-1 JJRJ", "5-3-2 GG" are difficult to read, distinguish and recognize.

Please, edit the name of the tactic and change it to a more human readable name. Something like "4-4-2 Unstoppable Attack" or "4-2-3-1 by Smile v1.0" or "Unbreakable Defense" or "The Bombardier" or any other human readable name.