Dovahkiin2B said: j'ai tout gagner avec cette tactique, elle est vraiment incroyable bravo et merci pour cette tactique de fou furieux :)

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Please, translate your post or it'll be removed.

CBP87 said: What would you like me to do with this one? Do you want me to run my own test on the 104p v3.1.17 and upload the screenshots for that one?

Thanks and apologies again


I really tried to figure out what happened here and what you say but it's too complicated so I failed. :D

I can say only one thing every thread must have correct screenshots and if there's something wrong just fix it and it's the end of the story.

Lapidus said: Hi,

I wonder why don't you say exactly what PIs you added/removed.

@Zippo @Droid according to this - https://fm-arena.com/thread/2733-how-to-get-your-tactic-tested/ people must write up the changes they make but I've been noticing some people ignore that requirement. I think there must be some kind of "punishments" for that.


Unfortunately, we not always have time to carefully inspect every tactic posted but I agree with you, we should apply some "restrictions" to those people who systematically ignore the requirements.

@Cherknam, you're "in the crosshair", pal. :) I suggest you to revisit your previously posted tactics and make sure they meet the requirements.
CBP87 said: @Zippo @Droid do you guys capture that information anywhere? Just intrigued if there was a point swing

Nope, we don't capture that information.

But if you're really intrigued that much :) then you can calculate it yourself.

It only requires to calculate PPM(Points Per Match) from the first 3 tests and then multiply by 38 and you'll get the score after 1,200 matches.
Gianaa9 said: It simply means that a tactic usually wins like 4-0/5-0 but wins less matches, instead the other one winning more matches with 2-1/2-0 results, we just have to find the compromise with Katana's attack and COSMOS' defence

alex said: Yup, you're right. Interesting with that SK on support :)

Once more, even 4,000 matches tests have 0.5 - 1.5 RNG when it comes to the pts and -/+ 3 G.D. when it comes to the G.D.,

The above means that for example, if we take Katana tactic which scored "64" pts and "+17" G.D. and re-test it again for 4,000 matches then it might score as low as "63" pts and "+14" G.D., of course, if it hits a very unlucky RNG wave.
alex said: It's curios how this tactic with better defence got number 2

It's been explained many times. By default, the tactics are sorted by "points" but the tables shows you the "rounded" numbers when the actual numbers are "64.3625" and "64.239".

Bear in mind, that even 4,000 matches tests still have 0.5-1.5 pts RNG.

In general, if tactics have the same "Rating" then there won't be any noticeable difference between them in a normal save, which means in a normal save a tactic 64pts(EXCELLENT) rating would work for you as good as a tactic 59pts(EXCELLENT). More info - https://fm-arena.com/thread/8922-understanding-the-results-of-fm-arena-tactic-testing/
CBP87 said: Hello @Zippo and @Droid

Is there any chance this can be tested for the 4000 matches please? I know you don't normally do it for a 62 pointer but would it be interesting to see how it performed considering it got a 65 on the first run and then dropped 3 points on the 2nd run


Hey, @CBP87.

I can say that so far for FM24 we've simulated about 2,000,000 matches.

The gathered data tells us that the score usually changes in the following manager:

1,200 -> 2,400 | most of time the score changes by -/+ 1-2 points (3 points happens but very rarely)

2,400 -> 4000  | most of time the score changes by -/+ 0-1 points (2 points happens but very rarely)

This tactic was tested for 2,400 matches and got 62 points according our statistic if we test it further up to 4,000 matches then the score won't change at all or the change will be not more than 1 point, so at the best its score can increase to 63 points, which would be nothing special.

I'm sure you understand that it doesn't make sense spending computing power to test any tactic further if there's a very high probability that it won't produce any "special".

The below you can find the details about our testing algorithm:

- all tactics by default get tested for 1,200 matches.

- the top tactic gets an additional testing up to 4,000 matches.

- if a tactic gets into HoF after 1,200 matches then it gets an additional testing up 2,400 matches.

- if a tactic gets a score that is 2 points less than the top tactic after 1,200 matches then it gets an additional testing up to 2,400 matches

- if a tactics after 2,400 matches get a score that is 1 points less than the top tactic then it gets an additional testing up 4,000 matches
Chris said: can this one be retested in v2? :D


We accept only 1-2 re-test request. You're above the limit already. :)
CSTG KANE said: I'm going to take a break, so please help me see if the screenshots of wavy drumsV5's previous tactics are up to snuff!

Make the fixtures have a graphical representation of the result, like on the screenshot below:

Also, don't crop the player stats screenshot.

Other than that it's Ok.
@letsgo9, hi.

Using underscore characters in the tactic name isn't Ok. Please, edit the tactic name.

CSTG KANE said: I'm in the process of tinkering with the screenshots, and I'd also like to know: is it in line with the rules to use screenshots of different teams (strong vs. weak) in the same league
@Zippo @Droid

you can control multiple teams in the league when testing, it isn't against the rules, if I get your question right
dzek said: 3. Once you have finished the above - I suggest - you create a new thread here and publicly apologize to all other tacticians for your recent "wrong" practices. Also write down the tactics that had this problem with links so that anyone can see your changes.

@CSTG KANE actions have nothing to do with "fair play commission" thing, there's no need in posting anything there, what he did violates the site rules and it's a difference story.
CSTG KANE said: So, can you give me a chance? I'll show you a change.

I just started checking your threads and almost imidialty stumble across this:



Both threads have the same screenshots.

Just for the sake of "New Year" you get "a third chance" to fix the mess you done.

Believe me, at this time of year I have much more pleasant things to do than spending my time on checking your screenshots and solving this issue. My patience is wearing thin very quickly.

For the last time, check all of your tactics for FM24 and make sure they all have proper screenshots.

Let us know when you're done.

Don't screw up this time because it's your last chance to fix the mess you done.
CSTG KANE said: Dude, I think so, I've been revising my previous tactics screenshot for the last couple days, let me know if there's anything else wrong with it

CSTG KANE said: I am sorry for my previous behavior and please monitor me as well as others

happy new year

The consequences of your actions for you could be much more serious than they're now. Considering the scale of your fraud you could easily get banned for that.

If I were you I would be glad to get a second chance to fix what you did.

Now, I ask you for the last time, do you confirm that all screenshots in all your threads have been fixed?

Because if I find something then there won't be "a second chance" for you anymore.

Is that clear?

Happy New Year.

Have you done what Zippo told you to do? - https://fm-arena.com/find-comment/30367/
@Albert2945, hi.

The tactic name isn't Ok. Please, come out with a better one and let me know.

@CaOxide, hi.

There must be a description. Please, fix it and let me know.

@hziz1, hey.

The tactic name isn't Ok. Please, come out with something better.

@Juan Alberto, hi.

There must be a description and if you need an idea what to put in it then look at this - https://fm-arena.com/thread/2733-how-to-get-your-tactic-tested/

ForeverEverton said: Thanks, I have changed the name and reuploaded...

It isn't necessary to reupload the tactic if you want to change the tactic name.

I've changed the tactic name for you to meet the requirements. Please, the next time follow this pattern when naming your tactics.